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Your teams are writing quality test automation, yet overall automation rates have struggled to get beyond 15-20% of all tests executed [1]. To scale automated testing and achieve sufficient in-sprint coverage, an alternative is needed to manual test creation, brittle test maintenance, and working in a skilled silo that finds bugs only once it's too late.

This webinar will demonstrate how you can use flowcharts to generate automated tests at lightning speed, while systematically targeting in-sprint coverage and fostering close collaboration between SDETs, testers, developers and designers.

You will learn:

  • How to reuse existing automation libraries to generate tests from visual models, rapidly scaling automated testing.
  • How to use automated optimization techniques to generate the smallest set of tests needed in-sprint, finding bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.
  • How the “three amigos” of software delivery can use collaborative modelling to document complex systems and generate rigorous tests, removing barriers to entry for automation.
  • How to maintain tests rapidly as system logic and code changes, updating central libraries and flowcharts to regenerate in-sprint tests.

[1] Capgemini, Sogeti, The World Quality Report 2021-22, P. 23.

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Rich Jordan

Rich has spent over 20 years in testing, mainly within complex financial services environments. Coming from a more technical testing background, he has been heavily involved in many transformation initiatives around automation, performance, data and beyond. This experience ranges from setting up teams and frameworks, to crafting enterprise strategies for making test teams DevOps-ready. Rich's leadership was recognised by five industry awards during 2021-22 alone, as his teams were awarded in both testing and DevOps categories.

George Blundell

George is a Technical Analyst at Curiosity, where he collaborates closely with organizations on high-priority automation initiatives. George implements and supports model-based approaches to generating, optimizing, and maintaining rigorous automated tests, while supporting close collaboration between stakeholders from across the development lifecycle.

Webinar Replay:Scale Your Automation with Model-Based Test Generation

March 14, 2023

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