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Test data that’s realistic, useful, AND safe? That’s a tall order. Quality test data that checks off each of those boxes can be hard to find. How can you get your test engineers and developers the data they need?

Join Adam Kamor, co-founder and head of engineering and Ryan Callahan, AE for a discussion about test data in its current state and why fake data is the way to go. They’ll demo the platform and show you how to create high quality, compliant test data without draining engineering resources.

In this webinar, learn more about:

  • Streamlining and minimizing the testing process
  • Anonymization techniques, from weak to strong
  • Data synthesis and differential privacy
  • And how data mimicking combines the best of the above

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Adam Kamor
Adam Kamor, PhD, is the Co-founder and Head of Engineering of Since completing his PhD in Physics at Georgia Tech, Adam has committed himself to enabling the work of others through the programs he develops. In his roles at Microsoft and Kabbage, he handled UI design and led the development of new features to anticipate customer needs. At Tableau, he played a role in developing the platform’s analytics/calculation capabilities. As a founder of, he is leading the development of data generation solutions that are transforming the work of fellow developers, analysts, and data engineers alike.

Ryan Callahan
Ryan Callahan is a graduate from the University of Arizona is an Account Executive at Over the last year, Ryan has been a big part of the exciting growth that Tonic has seen during that time. Ryan has worked in SaaS sales the last 8 years, with stops at Reciprocity Labs and Aptible, specializing in information security and data privacy. These previous roles and his time at Tonic have built a passion for data integrity, privacy, and security, and he enjoys evangelizing Tonic for engineering teams. In his free time, you can find Ryan playing pick-up basketball.

July 14, 2022
At 11:00 am

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