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Discover the power of non-invasive test automation! This innovative approach allows you to test software, without requiring access to the underlying source code. It's a game-changer for QA professionals operating in industries such as defense, financial, and healthcare where security, secrecy, privacy, compliance, and strict regulations are critical considerations. Enabling efficient and effective testing in these strict conditions is not the only benefit of this approach. There is more!

Demonstration: An exciting test automation of a flight simulator!

In this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • Benefits of non-invasive UI level testing
  • How non-invasive testing works
  • Considerations when selecting a testing solution for testing in strict conditions

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Autumn Ciliberto

Autumn is an Enterprise Account Director at Keysight Technologies, supporting clients with an AI-Powered Test Automation Solution, Eggplant Software. Eggplant Software is a leading test automation solution specializing in digital transformation. Autumn has 10 years of experience selling into the Enterprise space. She recently spoke at Keysight’s corporate conference in Las Vegas about Identifying Key Personas and Delivering Testing Solutions to C-Level Executives. Autumn provides leading testing teams with a solution to support organizational objectives to ‘shift-left’ and keep up with their ever-growing client demands in the digital world.

Ethan Chung

Ethan Chung is a solution engineering manager with extensive experience in developing and implementing end-to-end automated testing solutions across diverse industry sectors as well as acting as a technical advisor and trusted consultant to customers, helping them understand the benefits and technical aspects of the test automation solutions and handling technical objections raised by customers. Ethan holds a master’s degree in computer science and has a successful record of working with leading global enterprise companies.


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10:30 AM EST

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