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API testing offers the ability to achieve broader functional coverage, while also making tests easier and faster to create, run, and maintain. By leveraging the right tools for API testing, enterprises can maximize their return on investment. Our panel aims to provide actionable insights on how to navigate this brave new world of API testing, ultimately enabling teams to release software with confidence.

Hear from Zachary Griesbach on how Guidewire Test Framework has Karate embedded as a core technology. Siddharth Ram will share on his reasons to drive his team to onboard Karate for API testing and more.

During our panel discussion, we will focus on the following key takeaways:

  • The increasing relevance of APIs and the importance of essential test automation in enabling faster and more frequent releases, leading to a competitive advantage for teams.
  • APIs serve as durable architectural components and simulate workflows. We will explore proven solutions that simplify API testing.
  • API tests offer broader functional and architectural coverage, reducing the reliance on UI test automation and providing multiple advantages.

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Zachary Griesbach

During his 15 years in the Guidewire ecosystem, Zachary has worked as a customer, as a partner, and for the past 10 years, as an employee of Guidewire directly. After holding a variety of hands-on, strategy, and leadership roles in Delivery Services and Product Development, Zac currently drives Product Management for Automated Cloud Updates, Automated Cloud Assurances, the Guidewire Testing Framework, aspects of performance, and Testing Standardization. In this role, he leads globally diverse cross-functional teams focused on building customer cloud update automation, from self-enrollment through automated checks, gates, delivery, health, validation, and more.

Siddharth Ram

Siddharth is the CTO of Velocity Global, which allows companies to hire, pay and retain employees in 185 countries. Prior to Velocity Global, he was the CTO and SVP Engineering at, which was acquired by in 2022. He has also been a Fellow & Chief Architect at Intuit. He is still write code while running a 200 person organization.

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