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The data validation and ETL testing process is difficult and time-consuming without an automated ETL testing solution like QuerySurge.

Creating tests between source and target data stores requires:

  • Strong SQL skills
  • Lots of time

QuerySurge​’s new AI-powered technology is a generative artificial intelligence module that automatically creates data validation tests, including transformational tests, based on data mappings.

QuerySurge AI provides a radical shift in ETL testing. The average data warehouse project has between 250 to 1,500 data mappings and test creation for each mapping requires approximately 1 hour per test.

With QuerySurge AI, test creation happens in minutes, converting data mappings into tests written in the data store’s native SQL with little to no human intervention from this low-code or no-code solution.

QuerySurge AI leverages artificial intelligence to automatically convert data mappings into data validation and ETL tests in each data store’s native SQL with extremely high accuracy.

Benefits from QuerySurge AI include:

  • Dramatically decreases the time to create tests and analyze results
  • Improves data quality due to much faster & more thorough testing cycle
  • Reduces need for skilled tester
  • Facilitates increase in ETL testing coverage to upwards of 100%

Learn more about QuerySurge here.


Matt joined RTTS in 2010 and spent the first 7 years implementing data quality and performance engineering on numerous projects. Since 2017.  He has been part of the QuerySurge team and is responsible for product direction. Matt graduated from SUNY Polytechnic Institute in 2008 with BS in Computer Information Science.


Mike began his career in 2009, when he joined RTTS as a Test Engineer. He now has over a decade of experience successfully implementing automated functional, data validation, and ETL testing solutions for multiple clients across many industry verticals. Mike is a technical expert on QuerySurge, RTTS' flagship data testing solution, and he supports clients around the world with their QuerySurge implementations. Mike graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

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