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Every web service has a backend and a frontend that work together. However, testing them quite often comes apart: unit-tests are stored separately, manual tests are executed in a standalone TMS, and backend testing is run by another team.

How do we get the full picture of what’s going on? With Allure TestOps powers it’s an easy-breezy task! In half an hour we will:

  • Get unified testing management and execution on CI/CD
  • Build automated reporting and aggregated dashboarding
  • Show tools for detecting and handling flaky tests

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Yegor Ivanov

Yegor is a person with a lifetime passion for tech. He started his journey in telecom 20 years ago and later made his way to IT services working at Thales and Nokia. As a big fan of routine automation and continuous studying, he’s been deeply involved in QA automation for the last three years.

Since joining Qameta Software, Yegor has led the Customer Excellence Team, helping customers build TestOps pipelines and processes.

September 27, 2022
at 1:00 PM EDT

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