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Gamers want their games to work.

Gaming is one of the most competitive markets; the most successful apps appeal to wide audiences by delivering consistent and high-quality gameplay across different platforms.

This means developers are tasked with releasing faster and with making sure their customers on every device, OS, and browser have a bug-free experience. With all the speed and scale required to keep up, it’s no wonder 83% of mobile games fail within 3 years after launch.

The good news? Companies like GameDriver and BitBar offer Developers a path for overcoming this challenge.

Join us live to learn how these products empower you to:

  • Scale your Unity and Unreal tests with advanced test automation
  • Detect more bugs through powerful object recognition
  • Deliver better gameplay to more customers by testing in parallel on real devices and browsers
  • Minimize test latency through cloud-side execution

We’ll be there to answer questions and give you a brief demo of GameDriver and BitBar so you can get started on your path to gaming excellence.

Learn more about GameDriver here & Bitbar here.


Shane Evans

Shane Evans-Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, and Evangelist for GameDriver, Shane has been a leader in Enterprise Software for over 20 years, managing market-leading products at Hewlett-Packard, Micro Focus, and Splunk. He is a career test automation engineer, published author, and frequent speaker at industry events. He is also a lifelong gamer with a passion for quality.

Rob McNeil

Rob is a passionate product marketing professional with over 5 years of customer research experience and more than 10 years in sales-related roles. His areas of expertise include Quality Assurance and Software testing, Client Billing Solutions, 3rd party data privacy and more. He enjoys working closely with his sales, product, and engineering counterparts to bring solutions that solve real-world problems. 

Emma Barbera

Emma is an experiences solutions engineer with more than 5 years of experience helping SmartBear customers drive QA excellence. She is passionate about software quality and test automation, and currently focuses her work on the unique testing challenges facing enterprise businesses. Emma has a high commitment to solving customer problems and enjoys helping teams troubleshoot and adapt to new challenges. 

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