UFT API Sharing activities between scripts

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I just noticed that HP Service Test 11.20 has been released. The biggest update for me is the new .Net importer functionality. This .Net Importer allows you to import .Net assemblies into Service Test's Toolbox and use them in your test. This is great news for users that has been struggling with finding an easy way to reuse custom code functionality across scripts in ST.

New Features in Service Test 11.20

  • ALM/Quality Center Data Awareness:

    Integration with HP's ALM Data Awareness with ST is now supported.

  • Sharing Activities

    The ability to reuse an activity in multiple tests is now supported – SWEET!

  • Asynchronous Support
  • .NET Importer

    Allows you to import .Net assemblies into Service Test

  • Support for IBM WebSphere MQ

    New activates have been added in the ST toolbox to handle IBM MQ Queues. This allows you to

    • Place messages in an MQ queue
    • Get Messages from a queue
    • Browse a queue
    • Work with MQ topics
    • Use subscriptions and publishing

  • Integration with HP's Server Virtualization

    This gives you the ability to define which services will be virtualized and select a virtualization profile as part of ST tests

Checking out the new features in HP ST 11.20

I just installed and will post more info once I have something working!

3 responses to “UFT API Sharing activities between scripts”

  1. Hi Joe,

    I have tried using WebSphere MQ functionality using service test today. I was wondering if you get chance to try “Get Message from MQ” functionality?? I’m getting error message saying message can’t be parsed. I’m not sure how to solve this… any help on this would be appreciated…

    Many Thanks

      • Hi Joe,
        Just to give an update on where I’m on this ..

        For exmaple, I’ll send Hello.xml message to Queue1 through Service Test -> MQ will process this message from this queue and sends this to another Queue2 -> I’m trying to get message from Queue2 using Service Test (where I’m getting error message saying message can’t be parsed).

        It appears, that message from Queue2 (which is processed from Queue 1) is with MQRFH2 header. I’m able to get message successfully with out that header.

        Probably I may have to generate some custom code to tell service test to ignore RFH header.. (even though there is a “Message Get Option” MQGMO_PROPERTIES_FORCE_MQRFH2 set to False)

        Thought above will give some insight when u r trying to repro

        Thanks and Regards,

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