UFT API How to Add HTTP Headers to a Web Service Request

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I've received a few email's asking if it's possible to add HTTP headers in Service Test 11.

A few examples have been users of LoadRunner 9.5/Service Test that were using the web_add_header function and wanted to do the same in ST 11. Something like this:

Well the good news is — Yes — this is possible!

How to add HTTP headers in UFT API

To specify headers in a HTTP request in ST11 you can do the following using custom code:

  • Click on your web service operation in the ST canvas area
  • Under the operation's Property Sheet click on the Events icon
  • Dbl click on the ‘OnSendRequest' event

  • Under the TestUsercode for the _OnOnSendRequest enter the following code

  • this.StServiceCallActivity4.HttpRequestHeaders.Add(“Your_key”, “Your_value”);


Cool – that's how you add HTTP headers to Service Test 11.

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