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A few weeks ago HP announced that they would be releasing Unified Functional Testing 12.1. This is a minor upgrade and I did not create a post at that time, because the install was not available from their software updates – download page. The good news is that it looks like UFT 12.1 is now available for download.

What's new in Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 12.1?

The latest version of UFT 12 contains new features, product enhancements, and supported technologies.

UFT Technology Preview

  • UFT now has a Technology Preview for working with and recognize Windows RunTime objects for Windows Store applications running on Windows 8.x
  • Support of SAPU15 running on IE 10 and 11 on Windows7

New Features in Unified Functional Testing 12.1

  • If you saw my mac technology preview video and got excited about running HP UFT on a Mac the good news is that HP now officially supports testing Safari on the mac. This included
    • Running tests on Safari browsers running on a remote Mac computer
    • Remotely spy on Safari browser objects and take snapshots during test runs
    • Using a secure communication channel between the UFT computer and the Mac computer
  • If you're a Siebel test automation engineer UFT now supports SiebelOpenUI on IE 10 running on Windows 7. Be aware that Siebel OpenUI objects are supported in UFT only when the UFT Web Add-in is installed and loaded and that the OpenUI objects extend test objects from the UFT Web Add-in and inherit many of their operations and identification properties from those objects. Contain seven main methods:
    • SblOUIAdvancedEdit – A Siebel Open UI Advanced Edit field.
    • SblOUIComboBox– A Siebel Open UI Advanced Edit Combo Box field.
    • SblOUIMenu – A Siebel Open UI application-level menu.
    • SblOUIObject – A generic Siebel Open UI Object.
    • SblOUITable – A Siebel Open UI Table.
    • SblOUITabStrip – A Siebel Open UI tab strip control.
    • SblOUITree – A Siebel Open UI tree control.
  • UFT GUI Insight recording now supports using the GetVisibleText method to retrieve text from a specified area. Example: object.GetVisibleText ([left], [top], [right], [bottom], [Language]). This is cool because you will be able to capture more information rather than just a bitmap image for your scripts Insight objects.
  • Flex now has some basic support for advanced data grid object. You also get some new flex methods like:
    • CollapseRow – Collapses a row in the table. Example: object.CollapseRow (row)
    • ExpandRowExpands a row in the table. Example: object.ExpandRow (row)
    • SortByColumn – Sorts an AdvancedDataGrid according to the selected column, in addition to any previous sorting. Example: object.SortByColumn (col)
  • Preemptive authentication added to UFT API web service tests. This gives you the ability to use the option to use preemptive authentication sent with the first request to a web service. Normally you have to wait for the authentication prompt from a web service.
  • Updated HELP documentation

New Technologies Supported in UFT 12.1

  • JDK 1.8 now supported!
  • SAP Web Dunpro ABAP for Netweaver 7.40
  • Expanded IE SAP Web UI support added
  • Internet Explorer extended protected mode support
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 now supported at the technology preview level
  • XenDesktop 7 now supported at the technology preview level

6 responses to “UFT 12.1 Released – Top new Features you need to know about”

  1. Does UFT 12.x fully supports XLSX file format? Which mean its DataTable implementation will also support the same column limit of 16,384 columns or is it still the same 256 column limit?

  2. Hello
    I want to ask I’ve installed UFT 12 and trying to record a script on Chrome (Version 43.0.2327.5 dev-m (64-bit)). But I’m getting a error message “Unable to launch the browser. The specified browser is not installed.” Why is it so? Kindly guide me in this regard, as am a beginner.

  3. Hello,

    Please help..

    Can UFT 12.1 be installed on windows server 2008 R2 SP1 64 bit machine.

    please advice

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