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The Future of Work division at Cognizant recently published a paper entitled 21 Jobs of the Future. This report looks at the impact of AI and robotics on the current workforce. They believe that looking ahead five to ten years, 12% of jobs will be replaced.

Sounds pretty bleak – right?

But if you look deeper they go on to say that 75% of today's jobs are going to be enhanced.

Too many people think of automation as automating an entire job away. But actually, it's the tasks within a job that can and should be automated.

It also predicted that 13% of jobs would be made up of work that currently doesn’t exist.

Sounds incredible, but think back to 2000. There were no app developers back then. And yet, there's a huge market for app developers today, after the iPhone revolution.

If you identify yourself as a test engineer, you are actually a key contributor in the digital economy. Test engineering jobs fall squarely into the 75% of jobs that are going to be enhanced by AI and automation.

So, we need to roll up our sleeves and start diving into these exciting technologies.

But how?

Geoff Meyer

A Testing Journey in the Age of Smart Assistants

This is a topic that Geoff Meyer will be covering in his AiSummitGuild session on A Testing Journey in The Age of Smart Assistants.

Geoff will walk you through what he means by “the machine,” and his understanding of it. He’ll also share his real-world experience on his team’s adoption and use of smart assistants at Dell EMC.

Geoff will identify opportunities across the Product Engineering and Test landscape for the application of Analytics and AI.

He’ll then break down the process of experimentation, staffing and implementation that his team approached these new opportunities with.

Geoff will then drill down into the smart assistants they've created for their testing processes: “Q” and “JARVIS,” which predict high-value test configurations and regression test suites when time is not on their side.

Most importantly, Geoff will provide insights on the activities you should ensure get the highest levels of attention, and those that you might want to deprioritize to later phases of your own Analytics and AI journey.

Your Career in the Era of Intelligent QA

Other speakers, like Dan Belcher(Co-founder at Mabl) in his session on Your Career in the Era of Intelligent QA, will highlight how QA roles and skill sets are likely to evolve in the coming years, and how you can prepare for a successful career in the coming Era of Intelligent QA.

I think Jonathon Wright summarized it really nicely in a recent Test Talks episode:”

“Ultimately, in the age of Artificial Intelligence, the question you should be always be asking yourself is, ‘do you think what you do is repeatable? Do you think it could be replaced?’ If the answer is yes, then you should be looking at these other types of skills.”

But what skills?

Testing Skills You Need in the AI based Future

To find out, be sure to register now for the AiSummitGuild, where some of the top experts and practitioners in the AI testing community will share their vision and tips on how to stay relevant and not be digitally disruptive.

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