Test the Untestable Using the Power of API Simulation: An Intro Course To Parasoft Virtualize

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Are you struggling to deliver quality software faster than expected? Or sometimes unable to test your application because you couldn't get access to the services it depends on?

In this video tutorial, Jeff Peeples will walk you through how to solve your software testing constraints by simulating services that are out of your control, unavailable, or too expensive – which will help you:

➤ Prevent pesky bugs during development

➤ Build battle-tested systems with fewer defects

➤ Share responsibility for testing the quality of your software across your teams

All of which will enable you to save money, avoid wasted cycles, and deliver better software faster.

Disclaimer: This free course is brought to you by TestGuild in collaboration with our partners at Parasoft. We solemnly swear your data will be as safe as Fort Knox with us. If you see us (or Parasoft) in your inbox dishing out some actionable test automation advice and don't like it - you can always kick us out of it. Also, we're not on speaking terms with spam. So we just totally avoid it now. ;)

During this API Simulation + Parasoft Virtualize Intro Course, you'll discover:

  • Basic and advanced tips to create virtual services
  • Data source parameterization and correlation
  • Configuring basic performance characteristics
  • And much more!

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Jeff Peeples

Jeff is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, PMP, ITIL and Certified Scrum Product Owner / technical IT leader with experience in all phases of the Software Development and Project and Program Management Cycles. He is also a business analyst and full-stack systems architect and developer, including C#, Java, PHP, Javascript / JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Jeff specializes in translating the business side to actionable technical specifications, then leading the architecture and development to completion.

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Joe Colantonio


Hi. I’m Joe Colantonio, founder of TestGuild - a dedicated resource of actionable & real-world technical advice (blog, video tutorials, podcasts, and online conferences) to help improve your automation, performance, and security testing efforts.



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