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Shocking results from the latest Zephyr World Test Report!

Forty percent of folks say that the biggest obstacle with test automation is finding testers with the skills needed to succeed with automation.

It’s not a lack of tools — it is the lack of professional knowledge and understanding of how to automate testing.

Taking from Zephyr 2018 How The World Test Report

Guild Conferences Can Help

Here at Guild Conference, we can help you.

Guild Conferences are a cost-effective way to train your teams with the critical test automation skills needed to keep pace with your software development and continuous delivery lifecycle and still deliver quality software to your customers.

Actionable Test Automation Awesomeness

Our goal is that you will discover an actionable tip, tool, technique or best practice you can implement right away to help your automation.

Guild members learn from some of the top experts in the automation-testing field about best practices and techniques that are proven to work.

Our curated sessions save you and your team the time and money that would be spend trying to figure things out on your own through trial and error.

Guild members get yearly networking opportunities and support from our awesome community before, during and long after the conference is over on our private Slack channel.

Affordable Conference Option for Testers

Let's face it: sending folks to an onsite conference is expensive, and getting approval for the budget to do so is painful.  Also, the cost of an onsite event can be cost prohibitive due to not only the price of an admission ticket, but a host of other expenses like airfare, food, hotel and time off. 

These conferences are often multi-track, and employees need to choose which session(s) they want to attend. Or they are so overwhelmed with info that they simply tune out.

All Guild Conferences are single track, and all sessions are recorded and stored in our membership site area so people can watch whenever it’s convenient for them.

All this without the need for expensive travel.

Randy Stevenson Quoate

Bonus: Guild conferences are 90% more affordable compared to three of the top automation testing onsite conferences.

Other Guild Benifits

 I understand onsite conference are great, but how many of us can really afford them to justify the ROI?

To summarize

•    Discover the best and latests ways to create and succeed with test automation

•    Reduce your trial and error time

•    Improve your team's professional development at a low cost

•    Watch session live or at your own pace (think Netflix for test automation)

•    Network with other automation engineers year round in private Slack Channel

Feel confident in knowing you are making a no-brainer decision to help your company create better software in the New Year.

Register for a Guild Conference now:

AutomationGuild – An online conference dedicated 100% to Test Automation Feb 4-6 2019

PerfGuild – An online conference dedicated 100% to Performance Testing April 8-9 2019

SecureGuild – An online conference dedicated 100% to Security Testing May 20-21 2019

TestingGuild – An online conference dedicated 100% to Testing/QA Sep 2019

Happy Guild Memebers

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  1. That’s an interesting metric that you have there Joe. I did my own poll of my students and found a similar metric. Good to know that this coincides with other findings. See you at the Guild man.

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