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Selenium WebDriver

There's good news for automation engineers that use Selenium – a new version 2.44.0 was just released for most of the Selenium language bindings.

What Selenium 2.44.0 Includes

Here is what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.44.0 versions:


  • Firefox native supported added for version 24, 31, 32 & 33
  • Calls to depreciated guava method have been updated
  • Guava updated to 18
  • Update to bring MarionetteConnection in line with the current marionette state (FF33)
  • Some new tests have been added for some wait conditions. This includes adding a ExpectedConditionsTest to the test suite.
  • The FindBy annotation description has been updated
  • A bunch of things where moved from the client to the server
    • browserlaunchers package
    • utility class
    • LauncherUtils
    • RC stuff
    • proxy management stuff (is used in RC browser launchers only)
  • The utility method isScriptFile was moved to the only class where it is needed
  • Deleting tests for removed deprecated classes
  • Changed asMap as well as toMap to convert an object to Json
  • Changed JsonNull.INSTANCE instead of null
  • Removing deprecated classes
  • Log stacktrace. Adds more info on catch to be put into the log instead of just console. This will help debug issues when one has access to grid hub log but no access to console.
  • Removed unused static import of Ignore.Driver.HTMLUNIT.
  • Removed obsolete ChromeOptions code.
  • Add trim() HTTP response content because some drivers send back a response containing trailing null bytes, which the GSON parser does not like.
  • Change so that ig JsonParser.parse() fails to parse a string obtained from a reflective call to a toJson() method, assume it is a primitive string.
  • Fixed SessionId from json converter to better handle the case of null sessionId
  • Fixed the Eclipse config. The new gson dependency wasn't added.
  • Switched a call in HtmlUnitWebElement to use guava rather than commons-lang
  • Bunch of HtmlUnit changes:
    • Added text to the end of input fields. This makes the htmlunit driver work as the other drivers do.
    • Fixed getAttribute for dynamic properties.
    • Enable Html5CapabilitiesTest for HtmlUnit
    • Fixed classpath for running tests in eclipse This allows the htmlunitdriver tests to run in Eclipse.
    • Eclipse classpath fixes for htmlunit.
    • HtmlUnitDriver: Initial code cleanup.
  • Fixed broken CrossDomainRpcLoader
  • Implementing autoconverion of platform in Capabilities on write
  • Optimized finding multiple elements by id by using CSS selectors if available.
  • Fixed WDBS compatibility with IE5


  • Firefox – Added support for native events for Firefox versions 33 (current), 32 (immediately previous release), 31 (current ESR), and 24 (immediately previous ESR).
  • Rolled back improper spec compliance for finding elements.
  • Fixed WebDriverBackedSelenium compatibility with IE5. Fixes issue #7938.


  • Added the until module, which defines common explicit wait conditions. Sample usage:

    var firefox = require('selenium-webdriver/firefox'),
    until = require('selenium-webdriver/until');
    var driver = new firefox.Driver();
    driver.wait(until.titleIs('Google Search'), 1000);

  • FIXED: 8000: Builder.forBrowser() now accepts an empty string since some WebDriver implementations ignore the value. A value must still be specified, however, since it is a required field in WebDriver's wire protocol.
  • FIXED: 7994: The stacktrace module will not modify stack traces if the initial parse fails (e.g. the user defined Error.prepareStackTrace)
  • FIXED: 5855: Added a module (until) that defines several common conditions for use with explicit waits. See updated examples for usage.

For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info

To get the full change log info for each language make sure to check out the official change docs at:

5 responses to “Selenium WebDriver Version 2.44.0 Released”

  1. I have just upgraded to FF 33 and my webdriver stopped working. Is giving error “Unable to connect to host on port 7055 after 45000 ms. Firefox console output:
    s.json DEBUG Save changes
    1415346745909 addons.xpi DEBUG New add-on installed in app-global….”
    I have added the Selenium packages also.
    Any clues how to get rid of this.

  2. Hey,


    I just wanted to know, which version of safari is supported by Selenium 2.44?

    I have safari 7.1 but selenium 2.44 do not support that.

  3. Hi,
    i want to know the information about Browser versions with Web Driver 2.44 version.
    please provide info for combination of different browsers with Web Driver.

    thanks in advanse

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