Selenium WebDriver Version 2.43.0 Released

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Selenium WebDriver Version 2.43.0 Released

The bad news: I was hoping that Selenium 3 would be announced and released by now, but you don't always get what you want.

The good news is that version 2.43.0 was just released for all the Selenium language bindings.

Here is what's been enhanced/fixed/changed in the latest 2.43.0 versions:


  • Native events for Firefox 24,31 & 32 have been updated
  • Fixed issue with event_firing_test.html to now work in Firefox 24 ESR.
  • Fix an error propagation bug when a command fails from bad inputs.
  • Weird FluentWait timeout proxied element from PageFactory resolved
  • Integrating the Microsoft Internet Explorer driver implementation
  • Allow subclasses of HttpCommandExecutor to extend it at runtime.
  • Support the case where executeScript returns an HTMLDocument.
  • Resolved IEDriver crashes in WaitUntilElementFocused() because of null pointer.
  • Deprecate the original RC interface in Selenium.
  • Bump timeout for tests since a suite is also a test.
  • Multiple changes to work with Buck
  • Fix to work around limitations in subpixel precision event handling.
  • Updating prebuilt libs for windows
  • Re-add the rubyzip jar
  • The prebuilts for linux have been updated
  • Log formatter should be able to work with empty keys array.
  • Fix for infinite read from socket.
  • WDBS: safe check for window.localStorage
  • Driver should now operate cookies for the current frame, not the topmost one.
  • Added actually supporting promised Id for webdriver.WebElement.
  • Added more checks for JS functions removed from IE11. Fixes issue 7803
  • Fixed use of deprecated API in httpclient
  • Fixed use of deprecated API in guava
  • Updated Closure library to head and compiler to the latest release
  • Implementing ability to use FirefoxDriver on a machine where localhost is not the first alias for
  • Handle null and empty paths the same as /
  • Fixed maven build, adding reference to jetty-rc-repacked-5
  • Added pom and info on uploading jetty-repacked-5 to maven central
  • Added checks for JS functions removed from IE11. Fixes issue 7780
  • Deleted what appears to be unused deps.
  • Added more options to the Builder API (every common, settable capability should be covered).
  • Added browser specific constructors to simplify creating a client without the Builder.
  • Updated json-cpp lib and replacing mongoose web server with civetweb.
  • Try to fix some Safari flakiness – reducing timeout to fail faster when we're going to fail.
  • Catch driver start-up failures.
  • Added explicit API for configuring log prefs rather than forcing users to rely on magic capability strings.
  • Cleaned up the internal Firefox logging API.
  • Use LogLevelMapping to convert JSON wire protocol name to Level instance.
  • Make the jettyMaxThreads parameter actually be effective
  • Fix NullPointerException when File#listFiles() returns null.
  • Making WDBS.start command a no-op if it was instantiated with an already started driver. Fixes issue 3993
  • Handling possible exception in stringification of window.location.
  • Modified IE driver server to more closely follow W3C spec like:
    • Changed webdriver::Server to examine the response from the newSession command for the session ID rather than a two-stage process. The webdriver::Server::DispatchCommand method now calls the InitializeSession method directly when processing the newSession command.
    • Removed the now-obsolete webdriver::Server::CreateSession method.
    • Added a Serialize/Deserialize method pair on the webdriver::Command class (renaming the Populate method to Deserialize).
    • Revamped the serialization of webdriver::Command to use ‘name' instead of ‘command' for the command name.
    • Added a session ID member to the webdriver::Command object.
    • Modified the webdriver::Command object to no longer draw distinction between parameters passed in as part of the URL substitution and those passed in as part of the JSON payload in the body.
    • Modified webdriver::CommandHandler::ExecuteInternal (and all subclass implementations to use a single parameters map instead of the dual URL tokens/JSON payload parameters maps used previously.
  • Propagate webdriver_firefox_port preference to FirefoxDriver, was being ignored.
  • Added a new selenium server option -logLongForm to log more details to the console.
  • Fixed possible IllegalStateException while cleaning orphaned and timed out sessions.
  • Setting forwarded content for CommandListener afterCommand handler.
  • Fixing the list of extensions to search for an executable on Windows, and logging process startup errors.
  • Setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.0 if native events are enabled only.
  • BODY element is always shown/displayed. related section in the W3C spec
  • Implemented switchToParentFrame support in atoms
  • Set HtmlUnit to emulate FF24 by default
  • Updated HtmlUnit to 2.15
  • Stopped polluting the log with stacktraces.
  • Returning less specific platform info from Firefox driver.
  • Added driver info into TimeoutException thrown by WebDriverWait. Fixes issue 7429
  • Implemented switchToParentFrame command for IE driver
  • Added URL endpoint for switchToParentFrame


  • Added support for native events for Firefox versions 32 (current), 31(immediately previous release and current ESR), and 24 (immediately previous ESR)
  • Integrated the Microsoft Internet Explorer driver implementation into the .NET bindings
  • Added safe check for window.localStorage in .NET webDriverBackedSelenium implementation.
  • Implemented pluggable element locator factories for .NET PageFactory.
  • Fixed issue with set Json.NET to ignore dates when parsing response values.
  • Fixed issue with added support for SwitchTo().ParentFrame() in .NET bindings.
  • Removed the long-obsolete .NET tests for AndroidDriver.


  • Made sure that the UnhandledAlertErrors includes the alert text if provided by the driver.
  • Verified in Firefox that the browser process is properly killed if silent startup hangs
  • New Firefox native events support for Firefox 24, 31 and 32
  • Loosen websocket dependency to ~> 1.0
  • Add support for switch_to.parent_frame
  • Fixed download location for Selenium::Server.{latest,get}


  • Expanded WebElement.get_attribute API docs
  • Firefox can now be installed without administrator privileges. Therefore there may be no HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE entry.
  • UnexpectedAlertPresentException should contain the alert text in python too.
  • Fixed so that it doesn't mutate the global ‘ignored exceptions', take a copy of the globally specified ones, change the global to be a tuple instead
  • Raise exception when the Firefox binary isn't actually found, which usually implies the upgrade failed (on windows)
  • Fixed NameError: global name ‘options' is not defined.
  • Removed unused import subprocess.PIPE
  • Redirected Firefox output to /dev/null by default
  • Added more flexible management of http timeouts in Selenium RC python client
  • Generated Python API docs for
  • Using as localhost name resolving might fail on some systems


  • Added native support for Firefox – the Java Selenium server is no longer required.
  • Added support for generator functions to ControlFlow#execute and ControlFlow#wait.
  • Various improvements to the Builder API.
  • For consistency with the other language bindings, added browser specific classes that can be used to start a browser without the builder.

    var webdriver = require(‘selenium-webdriver')

    chrome = require(‘selenium-webdriver/chrome');

    // The following are equivalent.

    var driver1 = new webdriver.Builder().forBrowser(‘chrome').build();

    var driver2 = new chrome.Driver();

  • Promise A+ compliance: a promise may no longer resolve to itself.
  • For consistency with other language bindings, deprecated UnhandledAlertError#getAlert and added #getAlertText. getAlert will be removed in 2.45.0.
  • Fixed the deprecated ErrorCode.NO_MODAL_DIALOG_OPEN and ErrorCode.MODAL_DIALOG_OPENED in favor of the new ErrorCode.NO_SUCH_ALERT and ErrorCode.UNEXPECTED_ALERT_OPEN, respecitvely.
  • Fixed the Mocha integration no longer disables timeouts. Default Mocha timeouts apply (2000 ms) and may be changed using this.timeout(ms).
  • Fixed to make it easier to create WebDriver instances in custom flows for parallel execution.

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To get the full change log info for each language make sure to check out the official change docs at:

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