Selenium WebDriver Version 2.40.0 Released

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Selenium WebDriver Version 2.40.0 Released

Like me I'm sure you're still eagerly awaiting the release of Selenium 3. Until then we have another release 2.40 for all the language bindings to whet our appetites. Selenium Version 2.40.0 for all language binding was announced on 02/19/2014.



  • Firefox 27 native support updated
  • Iphone Driver removed
  • AndroidDriver client side driver deleted
  • RemoteWebDriver implementation of TakesScreenshots
  • PhantomJsDriver 1.1.0 imported
  • JdkAugmenter not able to add interfaces issue resolved
  • New ability to send silent flag to ChromeDriver when building an inverted predicate
  • HtmlUnitDriver timeout exception on refresh issue resolved
  • Firefox page load timeouts without stopping page loading added
  • Firefox pageLoadStrategy capability added
  • Added proper error code for the case of invalid css selector empty class name and compound class name in atoms
  • WDMS alert and confirmation handling implemented
  • Bunch of other issues fixed


  • Closure's new promise API changed to use thenCatch() and thenFinally() instead of addCallback(), addErrback(), et al.
  • ResultType.EXCEPTION and ResultType.ERROR are handled the exact same way, so remove one of them and simplify some code.
  • Pomise.fulfill/reject treated as no-ops instead of throwing if the promise has already been resolved.
  • Utility functions added to simplify working with arrays of promises
  • WebDriverJs cusomt locators support added


  • Restrict the host where grid hub is listening if –host option is specified issue fixed
  • Shorten string representation of capabilities in the hub log and grid console issue resolved


  • Deprecated browser launchers for dead versions of Firefox.




  • ByIdOrName implemented in .NET support package.
  • Escaping backslashes when writing Firefox preferences to profile in .NET
  • No longer redirecting console output for Firefox.
  • Added exception handling in .NET WebDriverBackedSelenium.
  • Fixed when cookie expiration date received by .NET exceeds maximum DateTime value.
  • Exposing property on .NET PhantomJSDriverService to specify IP address on which to listen for connections.
  • Make .NET DefaultWait stop swallowing original exception stack trace.
  • Exposing process ID of service executable in .NET DriverService class.
  • Updating .NET SafariDriver browser launch code.
  • Updated FirefoxDriver constructor for ICapabilities.
  • Changing .NET random temp file generation to be truly random.
  • Changed .NET WebDriverBackedSelenium OpenWindow to mimic Java.
  • Updated .NET PhantomJS driver to be able to execute code in the PhantomJS context. This allows the user to execute PhantomJS-specific commands using the PhantomJS JavaScript API.
  • Updated .NET bindings to use webdriver.json for default Firefox profile.
  • Added an option to hide command prompt window for driver service executables (IEDriverServer.exe, chromedriver.exe, etc.) in .NET bindings.
  • Modified to allow user to specify name of driver service executable in .NET.
  • Added a type safe option for IE to use ForceUseShellWindowsApi.
  • Updated .NET ChromeOptions to include latest options for Chrome.
  • Fixed the AddAdditionalCapability method to correctly add additional options to the chromeOptions object passed to chromedriver.exe, instead of to the top- level of the capabilities object.
  • Implemented FindsBySequence attribute for .NET PageFactory. This new attribute allows the user to mark a field or property in a page object such that any FindsBy attributes set on the member are used in sequence, as specified by the Priority property.
  • Fixed cleaning up leftover temp directory when using SafariDriver.




  • Fix bug where FileReaper would not reap files added in a child process
  • Safari: added Options + clean up Safari extension handling
  • Safari:Add support for user extensions
  • Firefox: Support native events for Firefox 27 + removed native event support for Firefox 25



  • Firefox 27 support added
  • Fixes related to http connection
  • PhantomJs fix for running on windows


  • API documentation is now included in the docs directory.
  • Added utility functions for working with an array of promises: promise.all,, and promise.filter
  • Introduced Promise#thenCatch() and Promise#thenFinally().
  • Deprecated Promise#addCallback(), Promise#addCallbacks(), Promise#addErrback(), and Promise#addBoth().
  • Removed deprecated function webdriver.WebDriver#getCapability.
  • FIXED: 6826: Added support for custom locators.

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