Selenium WebDriver – Version 2.39.0 Released

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Selenium WebDriver Version 2.39.0 Released

Like me I’m sure you're eagerly awaiting the release of Selenium 3. Until then we have another small 2.39 release for the language bindings to wet our appetites.

Selenium Version 2.39.0 for all language binding was announced on 12/16/2013 for:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Javascript(node)

Java Changes:





  • Firefox 26 native events support update
  • iPhone  driver server side removed
  • AndroidDriver server side driver removed & deprecated client side

C# Changes:





  •  AndroidDriver class for .NET deprecated. The Selenium teams recommends using Selendroid or Appium going forward
  • IWebDriver experimental extension methods added to the .NET  support classes.  Methods added are:
    • TakeScreenshot- does not require a cast to ITakesScreenshot, and has support for working directly with instances of RemoteWebDriver.
    • ExecuteJavaScript<T>() – does not require a cast to IJavaScriptExecutor, and will automatically cast the result to the type specified by the generic type parameter (T).

To get started using these experimental methods make sure to add a reference to WebDriver.Support.dll, and adding a using clause for OpenQA.Selenium.Support.Extensions






  • Firefox 26 native events support update
  • Android driver deprecation warning added
  • Make sure selenium/client doesn't require Rake





  • Firefox 26 support added

For More Selenium WebDriver Changes Info

To get the full change log info for each language check out:

3 responses to “Selenium WebDriver – Version 2.39.0 Released”

  1. Hi,

    I have a question regarding Selenium webdriver. I am using it with Visual Studio 2012.
    I am new with it. I would like to know how I can assign the current context to the driver in C# code.
    I have declared the driver and it is working but then I have another file calling this driver but there it is my problem, because I don’t know how to assign the current context of the driver.
    let me explain. I have created a file Driver.cs. In this file I have declared the driver and i run the test successfully. Then to avoid a large file of code, I created another file, Driver2.cs, where I want to capture the current context of my browser and continue running my test. is this possible.

    • Hi Patricia – I just need a little more info what type of info are you trying to make persist between tests? When you say current context do you mean passing values from one test to another?

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