Selenium WebDriver – Version 2.38.0 Released

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Selenium WebDriver Language Bindings 2.38.0 Released
Good news for Selenium test engineers – I just noticed that there was a new release for Selenium WebDriver. Selenium Version 2.38.0 for all language binding was announced on 12/5/2013 for:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Javascript(node)




Firefox Specific Changes

  • Firefox 25 native events support added
  • The FirefoxDriver's logging level can now be set from a command line using the SELENIUM_LOG_LEVEL environment variable. Some valid values are:
    • INFO
    • DEBUG
    • WARN
    • ERROR
    • TRACE
  • You can now return the Date object when using executeScript
  • Firefox returning the actual state of native events fixed
  • Fixed issue with disabled content security policy

Other WebDriver Changes

  • Updated the httpclient and httpcore maven dependencies
  • IEDriverServer now handles proxy management because of this the WindowsProxyManager was removed from the InternetExplorerDriver
  • The ability to use a command line option using a system property to switch the weddriver.xpi was added
  • When moving the mouse relative to an element hidden in a parent's overflow region, that element must first be scrolled into view before the mouse move can be completed.
  • Changed the implementation of the Augmenter that uses the JDK interface instead of cglib
  • You should no longer get an infinite loop if your scripts triggers an overflow state when the documentElement has a fixed position
  • Logging improvements for UnixProcess#destroy() added
  • Hanging when typing a key sequence that triggers an error to be thrown has been resolved
  • Do not attempt to generate a key event if the target element is no longer attached to the DOM. nsIPressShell (which is used to dispatch events) will throw a generic NS_UNEXPECTED_ERROR if we fail to make this check.
  • SafariDriver WebElement#getTagName() should return a lowercase string
  • Changed how the ChromeDriver handles exceptions when it fails to start

WebDriver Fixes

  • FIXED: 3107: (On behalf of Ross Patterson) Preventing possible NPE.
  • FIXED: 4501: (On behalf of Robert Ambrus) Introduced a system property org.openqa.jetty.SocketListener.bufferSize that allows to set the size of the buffer Jetty uses for network communications.
  • FIXED: 4698: Added missing expected conditions.
  • FIXED: 5295: User defined element properties should be retrievable with getAttribute.
  • FIXED: 5900: Revamped the SafariDriver's internal networking.
  • FIXED: 6294: Implemented ability to switch to a frame by id or name in WDBS.
  • FIXED: 6414: Fixed the way EventFiringWebDriver unwraps the underlying driver.
  • FIXED: 6431: Catch an exception thrown if the chrome executable is not found and stop chromedriver before propagating it.
  • FIXED: 6445: Shortened Firefox profile textual representation in capabilities.
  • FIXED: 6473: Implemented ability to pass –verbose option to chromedriver.

WebDriver JS Fixes:

  • Always annotate errors for rejected promises
  • FIXED: 6284: Omit x/y offsets from the mouseMove command instead of defaulting to (0,0).
  • FIXED: 6471: Correctly document the contract on WebElement#getAttribute
  • FIXED: 6612: On Unix, use the default IANA ephemeral port range if unable to retrieve the current system's range.
  • FIXED: 6617: Checking for Error.captureStackTrace is sufficient to determine if an environment supports stack traces. This avoids unnecessarily triggering debuggers configured to halt when an error is thrown.
  • FIXED: 6627: Safely rebuild chrome.Options from a partial JSON spec.






Grid Fixes:

  • FIXED: 6357: Added PhantomJS icon to the grid console.
  • FIXED: 6392: Removed misleading log messages.

RC Fixes:

  • FIXED: 1666: Fixed typo in RegExp.test function name.
  • FIXED: 1758: Ignoring closed windows when collecting attributes from all windows (RC).
  • FIXED: 2508: Fixed screenshot size calculation for quirks mode (RC)
  • FIXED: 2845: Moved storedVars from test case level to test suite level.
  • FIXED: 3185: Fixed JSON converter (RC).
  • FIXED: 3270: Fixed switch to window by var= locator (RC).
  • FIXED: 5103: Fixed screenshooter in Firefox and Selenium RC, limiting the size of the screenshot to prevent failures.
  • FIXED: 6496: Enabled .htm and .xhtml extensions for test suites.

For More Selenium WebDriver Change Log Info

To get the full change log info for each language check out:

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