Selenium WebDriver – Version 2.37.0 Released

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Selenium WebDriver 2.37.0 Released

Good news for Selenium test engineers – I just noticed that there was a new release for Selenium WebDriver. Selenium Version 2.37.0 for all language binding was announced on 8/6/2013 for:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Javascript(node)



  • Firefox native events are now supported on Linux for 23 & 24.



  • The code for the .NET DriverService was refactored. The main change was the way the driver service process ended to be immediately after sending a shutdown HTTP request. Supposedly this will have around a 30% + performance improvement for the shutdown time for the browser drivers



  • Enforce required ruby version in gemspec, not just through rubyzip.
  • Expose the logging API (beta, subject to change) in the Ruby client: driver.manage.logs #=> Selenium::WebDriver::Logs
  • Selenium-webdriver no longer supports Ruby version older than 1.9.2
  • SOCKS proxy support added
  • Issues with SVG documents in the atoms fixed
  • Change was made to better able compute an elements’ container dimensions for the scrollbar size when using the scrolling functionality
  • Added Capabilities.htmlunitwithjs
  • Added ability to pass through the prefs option as a Chrome capability
  • Firefox 24 native event components now supported
  • Added a new elementScrollBehavior functionality.
  • Resolved the getLocation issue when using on scrolled pages.
  • Autoscrolling for elements located in frames fixed.
  • Drag-n-drop for elements in frames with native events fixed
  • The ability to enable screenshots and input devices in the client has been added



  • Resolved regression added with unicode fix issue
  • Find_elements on webelement using unicode locators and py 2.7  issues resolved
  • Repackaged with fix for Firefox native events on Linux
  • Fixed issue with unicode By locators w/ python 2.7 Bug #6430

Javascript Node

  • Added the ability for the remote.SeleniumServer class to now accept JVM arguments using the jvmArgs option.

More Selenium WebDriver Change Log Info

To get the full change log info for each language check out:

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