Selenium and Vendor Tools (The Automation Force Awakens)

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Selenium Test Tool Wars

Automation Testing Selenium Wars

Will the release of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's new test tool LeanFT and other test tool vendors that are starting to embrace open-source tools finally usher in a new era of test tool harmony?


Selenium and Vendor Tools – The Automation Force Awakens
HP's QTP dominated the market for many years until the rebel open-source project, Selenium, took over. Both fought for years over who would rule the automation universeThe automation force became too strong with Selenium. Vendors could no longer resist. Now it's no longer Us vs. Them, but rather a partnership between tool vendors and Selenium. Vendors who have embraced the open-source side. Most vendor tools now allow you to integrate with Selenium with enhanced functionality to make your automation efforts easier.All tool vendors will have to support Selenium because it’ll no longer be just an open- source tool; it’s actually going to be a W3C standard that tool vendors will have to support.Selenium and Vendor tools need to work together.
Are you a Padawan who needs one-on-one instruction in the ways of the Automation Jedi? Check out these resources to start your training now:Automation Awesomeness for your eyes: A blog dedicated to all things test automation-related. Automation Awesomeness for your ear buds: A podcast dedicated to all things automation-related .One thing is for sure: always choose the tool that works for your team, and May the Automation Force Be With You

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Selenium Test Tool Wars