Scrum Noir (A Silo to Hell) Book Review

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Scrum Noir Book Review

Are you on a scrum team that tries to close a sprint without doing any testing? Are you working in an “agile” environment in a two-week sprint that feels more like an endless, accelerated mini-waterfall project? Do the developers on your team automatically assume that any story that contains the word “test” in it is someone else's responsibility?

If you catch yourself shaking your head “yes” to any of these questions, then check out Scrum Noir – a Silo to Hell by Lance Kind and Dhavel Panchal.

About Scrum Noir – A Silo to Hell

Scrum Noir is a 28-page comic book; the first in a series written by Agile coach extraordinaire Lance Kind. Scum Noir depicts actual situations encountered by Lance during his many consulting gigs. The situations presented graphically, showing how a real team was able to solve some of their dysfunctional Agile practices with the help of Ace the Agile Coach.

To my way of thinking, a book is successful if I find myself pulled into the story and relating to it. But more importantly, after reading it being able to apply what I learned from the principles presented. And if that's the measure, then Scrum Noir gets my recommendation.

However — if you're a die-hard comic book fan Scrum Noir you will probably be a little disappointed. Just be aware that Scrum Noir is not a visually stunning comic. I would call it more of a homemade, Photoshop, filter-style comic; but since I know Lance I think a more flattering way of saying it would be that it has more of an indie feel to it.

Scrum Noir won't be winning any awards in the art department, but the moral of the story resonates and illuminates real-world Agile situations that I'm sure most of us have faced and can learn from.

My Recommendation on Scrum Noir A Silo to Hell Book

While Scrum Noir is not a must-have book I personally like having as many resources available as possible on the teams that I work on, and I think you should consider adding Scrum Noir– A Silo to Hell to your team's library.

Not only will it leave you entertained, but it will teach you how to get out of your own personal Scrum hell.


Also — be sure to check out Lance Kind on TestTalks, where he shares his sage wisdom on Agile and BDD testing practices in Episode One (The very first interview I ever conducted!).

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Scrum Noir Book Review