QTP/UFT Is Google Chrome Frame Supported?

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I've received a few emails over the past years inquiring about if QTP supported Google Chrome Frame. I'm surprised I've never created a post specially to address this question. So rather than to continue to answer each one individually, I thought it would be better to frame my reply in the form of a quick post.

Quick Answer

  • QTP 11
    does not support Google Chrome Frame.
  • UFT 11.5
    does support Google Chrome Frame v15-v26
  • Google Chrome Frame in Embedded Browsers is not supported by either QTP 11 or UFT 11.5

Configure Google Frame UFT extension

Sometimes there is an issue with Google Frame and UFT that requires the UFT extension to be manually enabled. If you think this is an issue you are experiencing try:

  • Make sure all running IE and Google Chrome processes are closed
  • In Windows click on Start>Run and type in regedit
  • Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\ChromeFrame

  • If the ChromeFrame key does not exist create one
  • Add the registry key (DWORD) named AllowUnSafeURLs and set it's value = 1

  • Close all browser instances and restart IE 

6 responses to “QTP/UFT Is Google Chrome Frame Supported?”

  1. UFT 12.5 is not supporting chromium embedded framework..
    is there any way to identify objects in chromium embedded winforms application(CefSharp application) ?

  2. HI All,

    Any one find solution for chromium embedded framework(with WPF add-in able to identify child objects up to wpf objects and CEFsharp objects,chromium view are not highlighting when use spy.)

    unable to identify cefsharp’s child objects from that window.Whole window is identifying as object, i need to fetch data to validate from that window which is developed in Angular JS..

    Please post valuable and possible solutions here

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