QTP How to Skip the Prerequisites When Doing an Install

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Have you ever installed either Quickest Professional or Service Test and wanted (or needed) to skip installing all the prerequisites?

I recently experienced this while installing QTP on a Windows server 2008 64bit system.

The OS was complaining that one of the prerequisites wasn’t compatible, and I nearly pulled my hair out trying to figure out a workaround. Super-frustrated, I even gave in and contacted HP support, but the support engineer I got was clueless and didn’t provide one iota of help. :(

I’m sure you can imagine how relieved I was a few days later when I discovered a simple way to skip the prerequisites.

So what’s the secret to skipping in QTP install?

Well it turns out to be a simple command line argument you need to pass when calling the install .msi.

To install either Service Test or QuickTest pro you need to first go to the command line by clicking on your Start>Run and enter CMD

At the command line navigate to:


• Go to the QTP main directory\QuickTest\MSI
• Type and execute the following command:

HP_QuickTest_Professional.msi SKIP_PREREQUISITE_CHECK=1

For Service Test 11.xx

• For ST 11.XX for to the ST main directory\STSetup\MSI
• Type and execute the following command:


What prerequisite are ignored when you do this?

Below are the prerequisites that are typically installed during a normal install. You could also install each one manually if you wanted.

QTP Prerequisites:

QTP has a prerequisites folder located under QTP Main Dir\QuickTest\EN\prerequisites:
•.Net Framework 3.5 sp1 (dotnet35_sp1)
• Windows Script 5.6
• Microsoft Data Access 2.8
• Visual C++ 2005 Sp1

Service Test Prerequisites:

• .Net Framework 4.0
• Microsoft WSE 2.0 SP3
• Microsoft WSE 3.0
• Microsoft XML Parser 3 SP4
• Microsoft XML Parser 6
• Visual C++ 2005 SP1
• Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable
• Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
• Microsoft Office Access Data Base Engine 2007</p?

Happy Installing!

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