Limitations when testing Google Chrome with QTP

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I've received a few emails over the past several months asking about limitation using QTP11's Chrome browser support. Rather than answer each one individually, I thought it would be better to create a quick post.

What are some general limitations?

  • Funky behavior may occur if you are testing web pages that changes Google Chrome's Javascript functionality.
  • Recording steps in Google Chrome is not supported
  • If for some reason you uninstall the QTP agent extension from Chrome's tools>extensions menu option, you will need to manually reinstall it if you reinstall the QTP Google Chrome patch

The following test scenarios are not supported

  • Running against multiple browsers is not supported
  • Running test against a browser that have multiple tabs open is not supported
  • You can't run against web pages that include frame sets
  • The Chrome patch does not support WebXML test objects.
  • Running against either Web 2.0 test object or Web extensibility test objects is not supported
  • Any web-based environment like SAP, .NET WebForms ext.. is not supported

Chrome methods not supported by QTP ?

  • Browser.Home
  • Browser.FullScreen
  • Browser.ClearCache
  • Browser.Object


4 responses to “Limitations when testing Google Chrome with QTP”

    • Greg Ryan » Hi Greg wasn’t Chrome 21 just released a few weeks ago? In my experience it usually takes HP 1 to 2 months to support a new browser release. I just dbl checked their KB and there is still no info on chrome 21. Lately HP has been pretty quick in releasing Firefox browser patches so hopefully we will see on for Chrome soon.

  1. Hi Joe, do you know why Chrome’s dialog take too long to be detected by QTP11? It is custom window control (Chrome_Widget). And I know only one way to submit it is Browser(“x”).Window(“The page at xx”).ClickOnText “OK”. Is there any better way to submit it? Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Joe, Do you know of any way to get around the browser.object limitation on a Chrome browser?
    I need to validate webelement alignment and cannot use objBrowserPage.WebElement(“html id:=1_s_2_l_Type”).Object.CurrentStyle.textAlign that works on IE browsers.
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Thank you for your site! It is a great source for us.

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