Limitations when testing Google Chrome with QTP

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I've received a few emails over the past several months asking about limitation using QTP11's Chrome browser support. Rather than answer each one individually, I thought it would be better to create a quick post.

What are some general limitations?

  • Funky behavior may occur if you are testing web pages that changes Google Chrome's Javascript functionality.
  • Recording steps in Google Chrome is not supported
  • If for some reason you uninstall the QTP agent extension from Chrome's tools>extensions menu option, you will need to manually reinstall it if you reinstall the QTP Google Chrome patch

The following test scenarios are not supported

  • Running against multiple browsers is not supported
  • Running test against a browser that have multiple tabs open is not supported
  • You can't run against web pages that include frame sets
  • The Chrome patch does not support WebXML test objects.
  • Running against either Web 2.0 test object or Web extensibility test objects is not supported
  • Any web-based environment like SAP, .NET WebForms ext.. is not supported

Chrome methods not supported by QTP ?

  • Browser.Home
  • Browser.FullScreen
  • Browser.ClearCache
  • Browser.Object


logos of different search engines