QTP – Fix for FireEvent Issue in Google Chrome and FireFox Browsers

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The other day I received an email from a blog friend who was having issues with QTP's FireEvent in Google Chrome. (if you're not familiar with the fireevent check out : How to use the FireEvent method when a click does not work)
The FireEvent's dblclick option was not working on a WebElement. The same exact script, however, was working fine against IE. Since I didn't have access to the application, I wasn't really sure what to suggest. Happily, as it turned out, I was able reproduce the same behavior against an application that I did have access to. This is what I found:

Fireevent Solution

After trying a few things, on a whim I changed QTP's Replay type from Event to Mouse and reran the script. To my amazement, it worked! To change the event type:

  • In QTP navigate to Tools>Options
  • Select Web from the left navigation
  • Click Advanced
  • Find the Replay Type under the Run settings and select the Mouse Replay type.

(Not everyone will want to do this since it affects the whole script.)

How to Programmatically write code to change the Replay type:

Another option would be to set the replay mode within the script using code. This will enable you to write code that first checks the browser type before changing the Replay type. All this can be done with one line of code:

Setting.webpackage(“ReplayType”) = 2 ‘ 2 = Mouse 1 = Event

It works on my machine!

The above solution resolved my issue — I'm hoping it also works for you! Cheers~Joe

6 responses to “QTP – Fix for FireEvent Issue in Google Chrome and FireFox Browsers”

  1. Hi! I wonder if you guys encountered a problem for google chrome. when QTP11 spy an object it will retunr in the object hierarchy as: Window ->WinObject or Browser -> WinObject.


  2. We have this problem with chrome, we write layer on the input and we need expect the suggestions and select one of them, and then i use fireevent “onkeyup” but in chrome is not working.
    You know about this?
    Browser(“…”).Page(“…”).WebEdit(“tema1”).Set “layer”
    Browser(“…”).Page(“…”).WebEdit(“tema1”).FireEvent “onkeyup”

    Thank you!!

  3. Hi Joe,

    we have webelement in page, of windows applicaton, but QTP 11.0 recognised it as winobject. Is any solution for it?

  4. Looks like solution at the bottom of article is case sensitive, since works only:
    Setting.WebPackage(“ReplayType”) = 2
    And don’t forget to revert changes by:
    Setting.WebPackage(“ReplayType”) = 1
    since this is not done automatically after execution.

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