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I get a few emails a month from users having issues with QuickTest Professional Demo licenses. Rather than answer each one individual, I thought it would be better to frame my replay in the form of a quick post.
There are a few reasons why you may be unable to install a demo license:

  • You previously had a demo version of QTP on your machine whose license had expired
  • You selected either the Seat or Concurrent license type during the initial install

Why does this QTP Demo License Issue happen?

If you previously had QTP installed on your machine and its demo license expired you cannot reinstall on the same machine. If you try QTP will not let you use a demo license again —this is by design.

Also if you choose either the Seat of Concurrent license type during the initial install the demo license option will be permanently disabled.

How to fix

There are no easy ways around this that I am aware of. Your best options would be:

  • To install QTP on a new machine
  • Request a temporary license from an HP sale rep

One response to “QTP Unable to Install a Demo License”

  1. Hi,

    I have qtp with concurrent license.
    We receive new one and I install it but I don’t see that it update.
    The new license have new components support and should have 180 days.

    What can cause this issue ?

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