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Good news for QTP Silverlight testers – HP just released a new patch QTPNET_00120 which adds support for Microsoft Silverlight 5. Installing this patch will updated QTP's .NET Add-in, providing support for Silverlight 2,3,4 and 5.

QTP slow object recognition of Silverlight Objects?

Have you have been seeing slow performance with QuickTest Pro and Silverlight object recognition? This patch might help since it also improves QTP's ability to identify Silverlight test objects more quickly.

WPF bonus

This patch also contains all the fixes made for the WPF Add-in since QuickTest Professional 11.00 was released. So if you have missed some of the previous WPF patches— no worries– this accumulative patch will install all of them for you.

From the QTP Patch's Install Notes

1. To work with 64-bit WPF applications, you must install QTPNET_00127(Accumulative Patch for WPF Add-in Support of 64-bit Applications) in addition to this patch
2. The fixes described below for the WPF Add-in require registry changes in order to enable them.

Fix #1
Enables you to set a registry setting that instructs QuickTest to recognize WPF UI elements that
QuickTest does not recognize by default. Example: By default, an element of type System.Windows.Controls.Canvas will not be captured by QuickTest in the Object Spy, Learn, Record, or any other mechanism. This hotfix enables you instruct QuickTest to identify elements of this type.

To enable this option, follow the instructions in the Patch Installation section below.

Fix #2

Prevents the problem that when invoking a user-defined function that was registered to a WPF test object, QuickTest Professional accessed the agent within the tested application’s process,causing a performance issue.


* When this improvement is enabled, if you call a method that is registered to a user-defined function, you must provide values for all arguments,including optional arguments.

* This improvement should be disabled when running in Maintenance Run Mode(See instructions within the .reg file).

To prevent this problem, activate the registry file as described in the Patch Installation section below.

Fix #3

Enables you to set a registry key that makes it possible for QuickTest to continue to recognizing the controls in specified WPF applications even if you restart QuickTest. For details, see the Patch Installation instructions below.

QTP Silverlight Known Issues

Prerequisite: If you are working with the Silverlight Add-in on a computer where the UAC (User Account Control) option is set to ON, you must log into that computer as the primary (built-in) Administrator. To enable other users, even those with administrator privileges, to create and run steps on Silverlight applications, you must disable the UAC option.

  • Silverlight out-of-browser applications are not supported on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Sometimes, if you select a date from a calendar associated with a date picker during a recording session, two SetDate steps are recorded — one for the calendar and one for the date picker — instead of just one for the date picker. This can cause subsequent run sessions to fail when the calendar's SetDate step runs because the calendar is not open. Workaround:
    Delete the calendar's SetDate step from the test or component.* If a WpfScrollBar.Click step does not include coordinate arguments, the step fails and an error message is displayed. Workaround: Include coordinate arguments in WpfScrollBar.Click steps.

How to get the new SilverLight5 patch for QTP

Click on the patch name below to directly download from HP's support site (username and password not required):

What other Patches are available for QTP 11?

For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article: QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates


20 responses to “QTP 11 NOW SUPPORTS SILVERLIGHT 5”

  1. I installed this patch on XP, WIN7, 2008R2. QTP ony recognize silverlight object on win7 but not the other two. Not sure what’s wrong with XP and 2008R2. I also installed patch QTP00709 and and QTPWEB00078 on all systems. Hopefully these two patches didn’t cause the problem.

      • Update .. I got the XP works after I did windows update. No luck for 2008R2. I run into another problem. I have silverlight on IE8(XP) and IE9(win7), QTP works as a champ. However, when I run against a non web app silverlight, QTP does not recognize the silverlight object of non web app silverlight object on Win7.(XP works fine). I have patch 699,709,73,78,86 and 120 installed on Win7. Do you have any suggestion for me to make it work? Thanks.

  2. Hi Jeo,
    I am using QTP-11.(Installed in server2008)
    For HTML log file i did changes in Registry(HKLM\Soft\Mi\QTP\Active(1)) But still i am getting the LOG folder.Please help me out.


  3. HI Joe,
    I am testing Silverlight 5 web application using QTP11. I installed the available patch for silverlight 5 :QTPNET_00120. Now QTP can identify objects in the application. I recorded following script.

    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvEdit(“User name”).Set “sys”
    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvEdit(“Password”).SetSecure “50b45873e22018f760bc6bf7”
    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvButton(“Log in”).Click
    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvButton(“Log in”).Check CheckPoint(“Log in”)
    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvLink(“Home”).Click
    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvLink(“Reconciliation”).Click
    Browser(“Login”).Page(“Login”).SlvWindow(“MainPage “).SlvButton(“logout”).Click

    Recording is working fine but execution is not working fine for Click operation, though Set operation is working fine.As per the script, QTP is not able to perform click opeartion for Login and further click operations. I also tried to execute using wait().

    Does anyone face the same problem mentioned above?Help me….

  4. Hi,
    I am having similar problem like rest of the people here. I have QTP 11 installed on my machine and Silverlight 5, QTP was unable to recognize silverlight object so I installed QTPNET_00120 patch but still QTP is not able to recognize the objects (with Object Spy and recording mode).
    Can anybody help / suggesst anything to resolve this issue ?


  5. Hi Joe,

    I am trying to automate a application developed using WPF.
    I have installed patch-00117 and some objects were identified by QTP, however for some objects application gets crashed. Could you please suggest me installing QTPNET_00120 patch will help to overcome the issue or something else I need to try to resolve the problem.

    Waiting for your quick reply..
    Thanks in advance

    • Nikhil » Hi Nikhil – not sure if it will help your issue but QTPNET_00120 does contains all the fixes made for the WPF Add-in since QuickTest Professional 11.00 was released. So it wouldn’t hurt to install it and see.

      • Thanks Joe.. I will try and see.. Also QTPNET_00127 is available, so do I need to install both the patches i.e 00120 and 00127 or anyone will help..

  6. Hi Joe,

    I am automating the web application having process flow & link which triggers the silverlight part consist of flow diagram , in the initial part QTP works extremely slow to click on the any object.
    many times IE crashes when qtp operates to click for sliverlight part.

    Kindly please suggest solution for slowness as script takes almost 3-5 min. & for automation of silverlight as normally IE works well without QTP.

    Thanks in advance

  7. After Installing the QTPNET_00051, QTPNET_00120 patches still QTP 11.0 is not able to identify the objects in silverlight 5.0 treeview objects , its identify till slvwindow(“”).slvobject(“”), after that its not identifying and i need to click on the node in that tree , but not able to capture the x, y co-ordinates of the nodes, could you please help me to find out the solution.

    gaurav Makhija

  8. IE browser crashes when running scripts using QTP 11 (AUT: Silverlight 5)

    I am trying to automate a web application which is built in .NET Silverlight 5 technology While running a login script using QTP 11 in IE browser crashes the browser by changing the original URL

    Below string gets appended before the original URL

    If I try to skip the login page (perform the login manually), QTP is not recognizing the objects further inside the application interface.

    Please help!!

  9. “To enable this option, follow the instructions in the Patch Installation section below.”

    Sorry I cant find the patch Installation section :)

  10. Hi Team,

    I am trying to record silverlight application using QTP 11.0 after installed the QTPNET_00120 patch and by selecting WPF -Silverlight add-in in Add-in Manager. But I am not able to perform operations on Silverlight objects. Please guide me If i am miss anything before to record the script. And please note that I am able to identify some of the silverlight objects using Object Spy.

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