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Why this patch QTP run result viewer is needed

The nightmare that has been the Run Results Viewer in QTP 11 finally has a patch (RRV_00019) available to fix a bunch of common issues. If you are anything like me, after upgrading to QTP 11,the first thing you noticed was how loooong it took the test result viewer to appear . Also, I've seen some strange result viewer crashes on my lab machines that resulted in having to do a clean reinstall. Thankfully, the new patch will address those and many other issues you may be having. The patch fixes 13 issues in total, making it critical, in my opinion, that you install it ASAP.

What the patch fixes

The following is a list of issues that patch will fix:

  1. Issues with multiple text lines not showing up in the details area of the Result Detail pane.
  2. Failing to export run results for BPT tests that have names containing characters that cannot be used in file names — like < and > .
  3. Issues with exporting results that contain special characters that cannot be used in XML files.
  4. Reduces that amount of time it takes to open large test results.
  5. Reduces that amount of time it takes to export large test results.
  6. Display issues with the data table in results for BPTs created in QC 10
  7. Support added for multiple icon file types: ico, png, jpg and gif
  8. Issues with the run results tree being displayed correctly.
  9. Fixes and issue that sometimes caused the Run Results Viewer to crash
  10. Fixes Export of the Run Results to PDF for results with many nested action or images
  11. Show only the relevant data sheets for components in BPT tests
  12. Result viewer displayed incorrect images for multiple runs of more than one iteration of the local data table sheet.
  13. Fixes a problem with the Run Results viewer took a long time to download from QC 10

Get the run result viewer Patch

Like I said, this is a critical patch, so save yourself some headaches and install it now. To get RRV_00019 either request it from HP support or you can download it from https://testguild.com/downloads

For an updated list of all patches available for QTP 11 check out the Patches section in my article: QTP 11 Support Matrix with Patch Updates

16 responses to “QTP 11 Run Results Viewer Patch”

  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for this article.
    We are planning to upgrade from QTP 9.5 to QTP 11 shortly.
    Can you send me a list of all the nice to have patches for QTP 11? We develop and maintain scripted Components using BPT.

    Am sure this list will save us a lot of time :)


  2. Hi Joe, We upgrate QTP 11 and using Multitest manger to produces a html report which links this file. After installed Patch RRV_00019 and try to open the Report still we are getting same error ‘Could not load run results’. Could you please help us.


    • Surya » Two things to try 1) either re-install just the Results Viewer (install under QTP\MSI directory) or 2) do a complete QTP clean un-install\re-install.

  3. hi, every one i am newbie to QTP i have done a project using the QTP11.0
    i wrote the test case in each action’s corresponding datasheet..and so i have 5 actions in my test..like file,help,user,tool,license….so in each datasheet in datatable i have testcase in a varying number but a total of 80 testcase..

    when i run the test succesfully the result viewer is showing the result only for last datasheet testcases..they were only 17 in it but i need a summary for all the 80 cases…in the ru resultsviewer…i had stucked here..any advice is welecomed…

    thanks in advance…

  4. HI Joe,

    I had a strange problem when I started working with QTP 11. I added a new sheet using the AddSheet method but the run time data table wasnt showing any sheet in it. It was blank. No Global and Action1 sheet either.
    When I add a parameter to the sheet created and put a default value in it…only that new sheet was visible. Global and Action1 still missing. And this was a simple test. not bpt test or something.

    After a lot of searching I found this article. I did not find my issue in the list of issues this patch fixes. But I still went ahead and installed this patch hoping it to resolve my issue. And it did.

    I am now able to see all the sheets in the run time dt. Thanks a ton.
    May be you can mention that the patch fixes this type of error too. Should help people.

    Thanks Again,

  5. Hi Joe,

    Don’t know ,where to post a new doubt so only posted in below thread. plz don’t mistake.

    I had done the following,
    Imported data from excel sheet to global sheet during runtime, and passed the data to application (say http://www.gmail.com).Script runs successfully.
    And now for viewing the result, I had created html result page with following columns Testcase Number, Test description, expected result, actual result and status (pass and fail).
    I have the inputs for the following column Testcase Number, Test description and Expected result from global sheet (imported from excel sheet in run time).
    Now I need to pass input (column value from global sheet) to html result page which I created. Can you tell me how to pass the input to html result page.
    Hope my question is crystal clear now. Waiting for anyone reply.

    And also see the below script which I created
    For j =1 to RowCount
    CurrentRow = DataTable.GetSheet(“Global”).GetCurrentRow
    DataTable.GetSheet(“Global”).SetCurrentRow (CurrentRow +1)
    or you can use
    DataTable.GetSheet(“Global”).setCurrentRow (j)

    Browser(“login”).Page(“login”).WebEdit(“UserId”).Set datatable.Value(1,1)
    Browser(“login”).Page(“login”).WebEdit(“password”).Set datatable.Value(2,1)
    If Browser(“login”).Page(“Home Page”).Link(“Logoff”).Exist then
    Status = pass
    Can you tell me the condition, how to import this value (status column value) to html result page.
    Plz if u can ,email the solution to visitjaga@gmail.com

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Hi Joe and Team,
    I am looking to customize the HP Run Result Viewer and i am unable to follow the process to do it.I found the XML and the architecture of it,i need some one’s help in doing the same.

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