Meetup Schedule

TestGuild Online Meetup Feature

TestGuild Meetups are free online events that occur every Friday at either 10 am (ET) or 3:00 PM (ET)

Time (in ET) Talk Speaker Recording
April 24 -3 pm CircleCI Orbs vs GitHub Actions vs Netlify Build Plugins CI Setup Gleb Bahmutov – View Recording
May 1 -3 pm Meetup Canceled
May 8 -3 pm 3 Simple Tips To Change Your Automation Forever Nikolay Advolodkin – SauceLabs View Recording
May 15 -3 pm Automating Testing of Video Games using Shane Evans – SauceLabs View Recording
May 22 -3 pm TBA TBA
May 29 -3 pm Puppeteer Playground & Playwright Oren Rubin
TestGuild Online Meetup Feature