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I just wanted to create a quick post on Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) support in LoadRunner. I recently started a new project that uses Oracle ADF and needs to know if it was supported by HP's LoadRunner. I also recently got asked this question on my blog — unfortunately, the current version of LR does not support Oracle ADF.

Future Support Oralce

Based on the HP Knowledgebase article, where I found this info, it also looks like there are no plans for ADF support in future versions. But if we get enough people to request we might be able to get HP to reconsider.

Request LoadRunner support for Oracle ADF

I just entered an enhancement request: https://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/FID/DOCUMENTUM_QCCR1J62204 for LR support or ADF. Maybe if enough people request this, HP will add ADF support to a future version of LoadRunner. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.



I just got a tweet from one of the smartest Performance Engineer around Alexander Podelko ‏@apodelko reminding me that just because something is not officially “supported” does not mean it's not possible. Good advice to remember! (If you are not following Alexander on twitter @apodelko you should!)

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    • Rohan:
      I am assuming you put together a set of correlation rules to do this? I for one would be VERY interested in how you accomplished this task

  1. Ken

    There was a technique I used to correlate all the dynamic variables with objects on a line by line basis. There were over 80 variables registered in array type parameters and algorithm to parse them. Off course automatic correlation wont work.

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