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Vugen Replay Error

I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up in case anyone else is seeing this behavior. I recently was asked if I have ever seen the LoadRunner error:

Error -26630: HTTP Status-Code=401 (eWS – Not an XMLHttpRequest) for “URL”

After some research, it turns out that this is a known issue and there is a simple fix for it!

WTF causes this?

Turns out that this error occurs, during replying of a script, because the X-Requested-With and the X-Prototype-Version headers are missing in the http request.

Work Around

To get past these errors here are the steps to follow for the failing script:

  1. In Vugen go to Record>Recording Options…

  2. In the Recording Options dialog, click on Advanced under the General>HTTP Properties section
  3. Under the HTTP Properties Advanced area click on the Headers.. button
  4. In the Headers dialog select Record headers in list from the dropdown

  5. Click on the + sign and add an entry for X-Requested-With
  6. Click on the + sign and add an entry for X-Prototype-Version

Re-run your script and the error should no longer appear.

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