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Vugen Replay Error

I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up if anyone else is seeing this behavior.

If you are running a standalone instance of LoadRunner VUGEN with either the Web or Web Services protocol and are getting the following errors:

Could not find file C:Program Files\HP\Analysis\dat\db_connection.xsl

Could not find file C:Program Files\HP\Analysis\dat\Results.css

Could not find file C:Program Files\HP\Analysis\dat\db_executesql.xsl

Could not find file C:Program Files\HP\Analysis\dat\db_getdbvalue.xsl

Save your sanity by knowing that this is a known issue.


What is causing this Error?

Turns out that it matters what order you install the LoadRunner components on your machine!

If you have both VUGEN and the Analysis pieces on the same machine these errors are caused by installing VUGEN first.

Work Around

To get past these errors here is the install order that HP recommends:

  • Install the standalone Analysis component first
  • Install the standalone VuGen component

This also applies to patches

Install the standalone LoadRunner Analysis component patch first than install the VuGen patch

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