LoadRunner 11 Correlation Rules Issue Patch

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Known issue with LR patch 3

Just a quick heads up if you are having issues with correlation rules after applying patch 3 for LoadRuner 11. This appears to be a defect with patch 3.

How to Fix LoadRunner Correlation Issue

To fix you can go back to the old correlation support before the patch by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the LoadRunner install folder and go to the dat\protocol directory

  • Open the QTWeb.lrp using a text editor. My favorite free windows editor is notepad++
  • Got to the [Vugen] section and change the CorrelationRulesSupport=new to CorrelationRulesSupport=old

2 responses to “LoadRunner 11 Correlation Rules Issue Patch”

  1. Thank you, Joe! You saved my bacon, truly.

    We installed LR11.5, updated to 11.52, and everything ran ok although I was struggling to get used to the new Vugen. Then I tried to record something using my old rules which I have relied on successfully for years to keep the scripting work doable. The rules didn’t work properly any more. Your tweak solved it.

    When you’re the only person covering multiple projects, half of which use hundreds of WRSPs per script, rules are the only way to keep your head above water. That’s why I spent so much time and effort to get them polished to perfection and why I was so devastated to have them stop working, I can’t even describe it.

    Thank you again!


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