How to Do a Clean Uninstall of LoadRunner

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LoadRunner Clean Uninstall Instructions

Due to many reason — such as a bad install or upgrading to a newer version — you might need to completely uninstall LoadRunner. Here are the steps to follow for a clean uninstall of HP's LoadRunner.

If you are going to Reinstall LoadRunner with QuickTest Pro

If you plan on reinstalling LR and you have QTP installed this might cause a conflict. If you must have QTP and LR on the same machine make sure you first install LoadRunner and all its patches than install QTP. Since QTP and LR share some files HP does not recommend having both installed on the same machine.

Steps to Perform a Clean Uninstall of LR

  • In your Windows Task Manager>Processes Tab verify that all running LoadRunner instances are closed
  • If you have any script saved in the LoadRunner\Scripts directory make sure you back them up

  • From the control panels\add remove programs or in windows 7 programs and features\uninstall a program locate HP LoadRunner and click on the Remove button. If prompted with a “shared DLLs' message choose the remove all option.

  • After the uninstall wizard completes reboot your computer. Restart your machine
  • Find all LoadRunner folders, even the ones in the Startup menu) and delete them
  • Search for any file that starts with wlrun.* and vugen.* – remove any that are found
  • Go to Start>RUN and enter regedit to remove the following key:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->Software -> Mercury Interactive -> LoadRunner
  • Delete all files in your Recycle bin

The LoadRunner Uninstall is complete

Cool – if you need to reinstall you should be all set.