LoadRunner 11.52 Patch 2 – Fix for OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

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I just wanted to create a quick post to let you know that HP just released a fix for the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug for LoadRunner 11.52. Because OpenSSL is a 3rd party product that is embedded with LR, to be safe, HP is releasing this patch.

HP LR 11.52 Patch Fixes/Changes

This LoadRuner patch includes an update that fixes the infamous security bug named Heartbleed.

Those of you that don't know, Heartbleed is a bug in OpenSSL that can be exploited to reveal your user's names and passwords. Basically a hacker can use this to eavesdrop on your communication – not cool. So don't get hacked install this patch.

How to Get LoadRunner's Heartbleed Fix

Due to HP's legal department I can no longer post these patches directly on my sites download section but you can click on these links to automatically download directly from HP:

Below are the patch names and direct download links for the LoadRunner Heart bleed path. Make sure that you also have HP LR 11.52 Patch 1 installed already before installing the latest release.


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