LoadRunner 11.04 Fixes for Pending Load Generator, and 50MB parameter limit on Linux

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patch update

Quick heads up

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on some recent fixes HP has released for some odd LoadRunner 11.04 issues. The two funky issues are:

  • Are your Vusers getting stuck like a pig in mud? And are you using an Over the Firewall Load Generator that is also using a non-default speed simulation runtime setting?
  • Are you using a Linux Load Generator and have a parameter file larger than 50MG? Is there an error state with no error message appearing during your load test?

Fix for Stuck Vusers using Over the Firewall Generator

Replacing the file runint32.dll in your LoadGenerator Install Folder\bin file with the new one from the runint32.zip file should resolve this issue on Linux machines.

Fix for Friggin huge Parameter Files on Linux

Replacing the file libmmdbigtable.so in your LoadGenerator\bin file with the new one in the libmmdbigtable.zip file should resolve this parameter issue on Linux machines.

Friendly Warning

If you have any doubt's about these two issue contact HP support before proceeding! I am not responsible if you hose your machine because of these fixes.

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patch update