HPE Functional Testing as a Service With Ori Bendet

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HPE Functional Testing as a Service

In this quick interview with Ori Bendet we talk about HPE's new solution that enables developers & test engineers to run their UFT/QTP/LeanFT/Mobile test in parallel in the cloud like BrowerStack.

Joe:         So I'm here with Ori from HPE and Ori, I just wanted to get your views on your new product that you demoed here for me today.

Ori:         Yep. So currently this new product that was firstly introduced during the Automation Guild, which is the next product that comes from the same line of products that's from QTP, UFT, Sprinter and the rest of the functional testing from HPE. We are currently in beta and so we are open to any new registrations that want to join the beta, what is does, and it's a cloud platform that allows you to take your functional test that you have today, in the tools that you're using, whether they are HPE with UFT and LeanFT, or whether they are open source with Selenium and Appium, and run them in several modes.

The first one would be to run them remotely, if you're using Selenium and remote driver, or if you can also take these scripts and upload them to our solution and then we will take care of everything, all the run time and the execution. So all you have to worry about is the design time, so creating the script, upload it into our solution and we will take care of the rest of it. Where if you are running it remotely, you can leverage the lab service that we are handling for you. It also has ability to run exploratory tests so you can also address the less technical and the more business-oriented testers of your team. So you can get remote access to a live instance of whether a browser or a mobile device and let your business analyst or tester run the script, and then it will be saved in the same platform, with the ability to take the manual steps and convert them into an automated script.

Joe:         Awesome. Now I know a lot of people are familiar with cloud solutions like BrowserStack, so is this something similar like that where they can run any technology, it doesn't necessarily need to be a UFT or LeanFT script?

Ori:         So it kind of similar to the current solutions, where you have the remote execution with remote driver if you're using Selenium, but what is different is first it also supports the HP tools, so if you have your assets in UFT, and you want to run them in a cloud environment then you can do that. And if you have your LeanFT you can do that as well in a similar concept. But again the ability to take advantage of our run-time environment, so you can take a script, upload it to us and then we do the rest of the work for you. So this is where it gets added value.

Joe:         So the answer to the point you just made, it's ground-breaking. You can take a UFT script, upload it to your solution and run it in parallel.

Ori:         Exactly. You can take a UFT script, a LeanFT script, a Selenium script, or a TruClient script if you're using it for the performance solutions, and run it in parallel. We will do the orchestration, the run-time provisioning, everything. All you have to worry about is the design of the test and giving it to us.

Joe:         Awesome. So when a test does fail, do you offer any sort of video playback of what happened or how does that happen now?

Ori:         So, okay, so that's a great question. So we offer several things for unattended runs. We offer both a cross-browser overview, so you can see how your application behaved on the different browsers or mobile devices. After that you will get a deep dive into the script level, so you can see exactly what the script did in each of the different steps. For each step, we'll bring the snapshot, the log, the actual transcript that allows you to understand what happened, and another capability that you're able to do in order to pinpoint the exact problem, is to have the ability to compare between the different environments. So in case you have one environment that ran successfully and another that failed, you can easily compare between those and get exactly the understanding of where the problem was.

Joe:         Cool. So does this integrate with your other technologies like ALM or Octane where you can …

Ori:         Yeah, so definitely. We have native connection to the rest of the ADM portfolio. We are integrating with ALM Octane, both for defective submission, task sync, so if you have your user stories or defects in ALM Octane we will pull that and show that to you in SRF, in the cloud solution, and also the tests will be synced between the different products. ALM Octane will be able to discover tests that are running in SRF and enhance it with additional reporting and information.

Joe:         Awesome. Now I now it's still in beta, where can people get a hold of it?

Ori:         So what we have, and I will send you the link so you can share with the audience, so it has it's own product page. It says functional testing as a service, currently in beta. You see all you have to is give the email, name and you're good to go.

Joe:         Awesome.

Ori:         We will contact you once we will screen all the results and you get our own instance, you can play with it. Of course it's free of charge and we are planning to release it officially later on this year.

Joe:         Very cool. Sounds very exciting. Like I said, I've been using UFT for a while and this has been a demand for the community so, sounds awesome. So thank-you.

Ori:         Yes, thank-you.

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HPE Functional Testing as a Service