HP Service Test 11.10 New Database Functionality – VIDEO

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In this video, I show how to use the new database activity in Service Test 11.10.

In the previous version of Service Test, you had to use a custom code function to develop your own C# code that connected to a DB, as well as to perform an operation.

If you’re interested in how to do this, check out my custom code post. However, in ST11.10, it is no longer necessary to write code to achieve this functionality. Now it’s as simple as dragging and dropping a few activities and setting some wizard-driven properties. No coding needed.

Watch to Discover How:

  • Using the ‘connection' activity to connect to a SQL Server Database
  • Using the Select activity and the query builder wizard to retrieve records from my SQL table
  • Using the “insert' activity to insert a record into my table

If there are any other Service Test 11.10 functionalities you would like to see on the video, drop me a line and let me know.

10 responses to “HP Service Test 11.10 New Database Functionality – VIDEO”

  1. Hi Joe,

    I just started learning Web Service Testing with HP Service Test. I was looking for some beginner tutorials online and found your Videos and other stuff. Its really nice site for whoever wants to learn Web Service Testing with HP ST.

    Question – Can you please make some new Videos or small Tutorials about ” How to use Report function, logging function and Checkpoints.”

    I tried to understand from User Guide but there are not examples etc.

    It would be really appreciated and very helpful for beginners.



    • Paul » Hi Paul – great idea – once I finish up the series I’m doing on testing web services in general – I will focus on the reporting, logging and checkpoint features of Service Test. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Dear Joe,
    hi,I am using new db tool of ST11.10 but a question. after it fetch the data (myTable) from db how can i access to elements of fetched data in TestUserCode maybe using “DbFetchData-X” for check-pointing??
    Thanks a lot

  3. How to feed the result obtained after executing a DB Query using Connection1 to the input of another DB Query where i use another connection2.

    Query1: Select Name from BUS

    OutPuts: Volvo, Delux, SemiDelux

    Query2: Select busNo from BUSLIST where BusName in (‘Volvo’, ‘Delux’, ‘SemiDelux’)

    Above ex is static if we pass values but how to make this dynamic as we cant use below Query to make it dynamic:

    Select busNo from BUSLIST where BusName in (Select Name from BUS)

    As we are using 2 different connections[2 DB’s] and table BUS is not present in connection2[Or the other DB]

    • Phani » Hi – sorry for my late reply. In Service Test 11.20 you should be able to create dynamic query strings by using a combination of Database activities and Concatenate string activities. Take a look at my post:
      ST Write Excel Response for an example on how to create a dynamic query string. The approach should be similar to what you are doing. Let me know if you need more info. Cheers~Joe

  4. Joe,

    I want this to be performed in HPST 11.2 can you aid me in this please..

    It can be done using HPST9.5 but i am unable to do in HPST11.2 :(

  5. Hi,

    I am passing sql query as parameter from ALM and using the result set of sql in the test script of ALM.But this approach has made my test script very clumsy and difficult to handle.So i want to save the result set of the sql query in some local table intially and then using it into the test script.
    Please let me know if there is any way of storing the sql query result into the local table or any other cleaner approach to achieve my requirement.
    I do not want to use DSN as an option as it doesnt give parametrize way from ALM.


  6. Hi Joe,

    (My condolences on your loss in the family.)

    Awesome job on the video. I read your ebook (its my guide for using services testing. In the example given in the video and ebook, the dataSource is coded in the OpenConnection activity. If i want to run the same test against different servers, how do i accomplish this. ie how can i parametrize the connection to the db’s? Your input would be really appreciated. We run our tests through QC.

    • Thanks Mathew -I appreciate it. I don’t have an example of this (yet) but you could in your start section add some parameters like ServerName. In your open Connection String you can link to a data source point to the Start input parameters and click on the Custom expression to create a data source string that would use the inout of the parameter. So this way you would not have to hard code any values and be able to pass it dynamic info.

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