HP Diagnostics: How to Install and Configure a Java Probe with LoadRunner

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HP Diagnostic Proctologist

In this video, I demonstrate the process of installing and integrating HP Diagnostics with LoadRunner to monitor a J2EE application, running on an Apache Tomcat server.

The install consists of 4 main steps:

1. Install HP Diagnostics

2. Install and configure the Java agent on the Tomcat server

3. Install the LoadRunner diagnostic add-in

4. Configure LoadRunner

After the Install:

After installation and configuration are complete, you’ll be able to monitor J2EE performance metrics from within a LoadRunner controller's performance scenario. What’s really cool is that you’ll have the ability to drill down on the J2EE metrics within the LoadRunner Analysis. After using HP Diagnostics just once, I was able to find and tell our developers about some SQL statements that were causing high response times. Without this integration, who knows how long it would have taken to track down that info.

HP Diagnostic Proctologist