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HP just released an ALM 11.52 Patch for the following operating systems:

OS Patch ID
Windows 32-bit TD4QC_00333
Windows 64-bit TD4QC_00334
Linux TD4QC_00331
Sun Solaris TD4QC_00332

* This patch supersedes patch TD4QC_00269(01 11.50.886.01)

The Following ALM Features Have Been Enhanced

  • A newly designed landing page has been added for easier access to Add-ins, Movies, and what's new information.
  • New Business Views Excel Add-in! Makes ALM reporting much more flexible than ever before. The Business Views Excel Add-in is based on the new Business Views capabilities that were introduced in HP ALM 11.50. You can now easily slice and dice, shape and share any ALM data.
  • Project Planning and Tracking (PPT)
    Release Enhancements: you now have the ability to select content to be included in release scope items. Also you can now include defects that link to selected requirements, tests, and tests sets (and their associated test instances, runs, and run steps).
  • Lab Management Automatic Upgrade of Lab Project for Upgrades to Minor-Minor Versions. When upgrading to minor-minor versions, even those that affect the database schema, the upgrade of the Lab Management project is now automatic.
  • HP ALM Lab Service changes. For example, using the auto-login feature, you can now configure Lab Service to automatically log in to the testing host to run a test. Also you can now view the version of Lab Service you are running in the Lab Management Testing Hosts grid.
  • You now have the ability to set the ‘Suggested Duration' when running tests from functional test sets and build verification suites. The Suggested Duration feature can be used to set the duration of your test based on previous test executions.
  • Jenkins Integration. An open source Jenkins plugin has been developed that enables you to trigger a functional test set or build verification suite as a Jenkins build step. The results are reported in Jenkins and in the ALM Test Runs module. Support for this open source plugin is provided by the Jenkins community. For more info on the ALM/Jenkins plugin check out: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/HP+Application+Automation+Tools

The following issues have been fixed in this ALM Patch

  • Fix for the “An exception occurred” when you try to upgrade over 100 projects to the HP ALM 11.5 patch 1.
  • Dashboard Analysis configuration “An exception occurred” error when you try to unzip a file that was zipped in the Dashboard has been resolved
  • The conversion of a Requirement entry to a Test Folder did not set the folders description to match that of the converted requirement.
  • The Status Filter drop down list of the requirements Test Coverage tab did not show the relevant statuses as expected.
  • User settings of the columns width in the Test Coverage tab of the Requirement Details view were not kept as the user moves between requirements.
  • Filtering requirements in the Test Coverage view to include only those that have not been assigned to requirements resulted in the display of empty folders.
  • In the Test Plan view, the New Folder option was missing from the context menu.
  • The Alert indication on a test in the Test Plan module intended to reflect modification done to a linked requirement appeared as expected in the Test Plan view.
  • Traversing over the Test Plan module using API kept some memory resources allocated and they were not released.
  • A new option of Go to Test Instance was added to the Test Runs view to enable users to easily switch from the test run to its corresponding test instance.
  • Changes made to any of the Actual, Description and Expected fields are not kept after cancelling an “Attach to step” action immediately after the text editing.
  • In projects utilizing the ALI extension, the SCM Management and Build Management modules became inaccessible after switching between projects.
  • Attachments with comma characters in their name were not displayed correctly in the attachment list viewed from baseline, and they could not be retrieved.

How to Get this ALM Patch

Due to HP's legal department I can no longer post these patches on my web site as I explained in my post “Another reason why HP stinks”. To get a copy of this patch you will need to contact HP Support or you can download it from HP's Patches support site.

If you are not sure how to download patches from HP be sure to check out my video “How to download UFT/QTP Patches from HP

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