Hands-On Guide to API Testing with Karate


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Automated testing of APIs is essential for teams to implement robust, reliable and scalable software. 

However, there is a misconception that API testing is difficult to implement, and teams often don’t know where to start.

This hands-on course introduces API testing using the Karate Framework - a powerful tool designed to implement all types of test automation (including API testing) in a simple and expressive non-technical syntax.

In this course, we’ll go over the essential techniques and functionalities of Karate, from writing your first test script to executing parallel tests.

This course will cover the following topics:
●Installation and setup of Karate
●Writing API tests in Karate
●Creation of an API testing automation framework with Karate
●Implementation of data driven testing in Karate
●Executing of Karate tests and analysis of test results reports

Whether you're a beginner in test automation or looking to upgrade your API testing skills, this course is tailored to help you get started writing API tests in the shortest possible time.

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Angelo Huraca

Angelo Huaraca

QA Automation Engineer

Nice course! All the lessons were very clear and easy to implement myself. I hope for a new advanced Karate course! Thank you so much!

This is so insightful and explanatory. I look forward to exploring Karate in the nearest future.


Olufemi (H) Omeiza

Olufemi (H) Omeiza

Mobile Test Automation engineer

Meet Your Course Instructor

Principal Software Engineer & Online Instructor

James Willett

James is a Principal Software Engineer with 15+ years of industry experience. In the early part of his career James focused on automation and performance testing; leveraging tools and frameworks like Gatling, JMeter, REST Assured and more recently Karate. This experience has led James to create numerous highly popular online courses and trainings around these tools and technologies.

James is enthralled by the creation of in-depth, artful videos that help others become better software developers, and regularly shares these on his YouTube channel and other learning platforms. 

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