How to Create an ODBC DSN Using QuickTest Professional

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Here are the steps to install an ODBC driver for InterSystem's Cache database and code to connect and execute a query in QTP.

1. Install the ODBCDriver.exe Client ODBC Driver Install Instersystems
2. Go to your Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC)
3. Go to User DSN and click on Add:















5. Fill in the following info:







6. Open QTP and enter the following code:

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  1. […] The downside to this approach is that for every machine on which you plan to run your QTP test on you will also need to setup a DSN on that machine with the same info that you created earlier. For an example of setting up an ODBC DSN, check out my post entitled “How to create a ODBC DSN Connection.” […]

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