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3-Day Online Game Developer Guild Conference

May 24th - 26th 2022

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About the Host Jason Weimann

I'm a game dev like you who's worked on a big variety of games. I've had the pleasure to work on large teams building AAA titles, like Everquest II and Vangaurd (one of my favorites). From there I dove into mobile development, releasing games as far back as the first iPhone. When VR came back around I dove into that as well, releasing one of the VIVE launch titles on steam, followed by many more.

Now I spend most of my time focused on teaching other developers and helping them finish projects and accomplish their goals (while building my own stuff on the side of course).

With over 20 years of experience in the field, I've experienced all different aspects to game development, and have run into every problem a developer might face along the way of creating a game. I am determined to spread the word about game development and grow this amazing community that is only getting bigger everyday.

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Joe Colantonio

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