3-Day online Game Developer Conference

May 24th - 26th


Join us for 24 Talks + Q&A sessions from industry experts covering a broad variety of the latest and most relevant topics


Over 1000 like minded game developers and industry leaders participating

One focus, bringing you actionable useful information to level up your skills and help you get your projects done.

Conference For The Community

The GameDevGuild Conference 2022 is specifically tailored towards the Game Development Community. We strongly believe that the community always knows best. This is why we chose to include a community of 200.000+ game developers in the process of selecting topics and speakers to ensure the most relevant topics that YOU want to hear. Dive into this years GameDevGuild Conference, meet new developers, and level up your Game Development skills.


You'll take back useful information and tips that you can use implement immediately in your projects. Every talk will have a wide appeal and be something you can use today.

For Unity Developers

While a few sessions will apply to all gamedevs, the majority of the content is aimed at Unity developers. We'll discuss what's new in Unity, systems you should be using (and how). As well as new tips and techniques from leading experts and Unity themselves.
If you're looking for a conference focused on Unity developers, this is the one for you!


Most of us don't have a full team of 100 developers, a giant art team, or large scale business issues we're dealing with. We're focused on smaller indie devs, the ones who have to add art themselves sometimes because the artist is busy (or doesn't exist). With that in mind, the topics are all intentionally actionable by small teams or even solo developers. 

I want you to leave each session thinking 'wow that will come in useful!'

Best Practices

Learn the tricks and practices many of the speakers used to release successful indie games on their own (some even in their spare time).

Meet Your Host

Jason Weimann


I'm Jason and I've been working on video games for a long time now. It was always my dream to make games growing up. And I've been lucky enough to follow that dream and build games at a variety of studios over the years.

I started my game dev career working on MMORPGs like Everquest II and Vanguard at Sony. It was a dream come true and perfect opportunity to learn game development in the trenches from the experts. When the iPhone came out, I dove into mobile development, releasing games on the first one using good old Unity 3. Then when VR came back around I dove into that as well, releasing one of the VIVE launch titles on Steam, followed by many more.

Now I spend most of my time focused on teaching other developers and helping them finish projects and accomplish their goals (while building my own stuff on the side of course).

With over 20 years of experience in the field, I've experienced all different aspects to game development, and have run into every problem a developer might face along the way of creating a game. I am determined to spread the word about game development and grow this amazing community that is only getting bigger everyday.