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William Stasyna

Sr. QA Automation Specialist

The breadth of talent, skills, and experience Joe brings together is truly awesome. The value you get will shape the quality landscape of your organization.

Andrew Clark


Although early in my automation career, Automation Guild provided me a plethora of information, resources, and education that was well worth the price of admission.

Mike Clark

QA Engineering Manager

Refer below for the 35 session topics confirmed (so far) for Automation Guild '23

➤  More Sessions + Speaker Details + Day-Wise Schedule (With Time Slots) For Each Session Will Be Added Soon.

➤  All LIVE Sessions Will Be In Eastern Time Zone (EST).

Automation Guild 2023: Sessions & Speakers

Note: Each training session (except roundtable discussions) will be followed by a dedicated Q&A session with the expert.

If you can't attend LIVE, submit your questions to me in advance and I'll ask the speaker. If you do attend LIVE, and in case a session doesn't pertain 100% to your needs, you can always ask the expert exactly what you want to know.

James Walker

Session (TIME TBD)

Risk-Based Testing For Mobile – Because CI/CD Can’t Test Everything

Today, user traffic is fast-shifting from web to mobile – yet, organizations are still struggling to implement web automation after years of trying. Testing business-critical applications require new frameworks, demanding fresh skills and the maintenance of even more tests.

There is no more logic to test in-sprint, across more devices, and with a wider range of performance and accessibility concerns. Scripting mobile tests manually alongside the web will not scale to meet this “combinatorial explosion”, as it will instead create technical debt, wasteful over-testing, and risky under-testing of critical apps.

Mobile adoption today calls for systematic, rapid, and maintainable test creation, capable of targeting at-risk pathways through web and mobile applications.

This session will explore how you can test app changes within minutes of development, using multidimensional coverage measures to target test generation in real time.

You will see how automating test creation sidesteps scripting and maintenance bottlenecks while optimizing testing based on time and risk.

We will further explore how functional script generation can embed visual and accessibility tests, executing tests across devices for optimal in-sprint coverage.

In fast-paced environments where you can’t test everything, we will explore how you can run valuable tests within seconds of each check-in.



Mobile Test Coverage Playbook

In this session, you will learn how to build a robust mobile testing strategy by the essential pillars below:

- Overview of iOS16 and Android 13
- Selecting the right testing tools
- Coverage and scale
- Real and virtual devices
- Security
- Visibility
- UX and performance testing
- Accessibility

By now, mobile app DevOps teams should be used to the annual release cadence of Apple and Google. But being used to these events and being prepared are two different things.

Andrew Knight


Are You Ready For Autonomous Testing?

Autonomous testing is the next great wave for test automation. What will it look like, and is there any way we can start doing it today?

In the next few years, we will see the rise of tools that not only execute tests on their own but also figure out what behaviors ought to be tested.

These tools will enable us to perform autonomous testing, not just automated testing.

Will these tools live up to their promise, or will they be gimmicky ploys that just waste our time?

And if they do deliver value, what will our development and testing workflows look like?

In this talk, Andrew Knight will answer these questions as he shares his vision for an autonomous future.

He will also demonstrate how you can actually start doing autonomous testing TODAY!

All it takes is a framework like Playwright, a visual tester like Applitools, and a little ingenuity.

By the end of this talk, you’ll be ready to ride the next great wave of test automation.

Fernando Mattos

Session (TIME TBD)

Integrate E2E Testing Into Your Quality Strategy

52% of U.S. consumers said they would switch from a brand they like to another for better product quality.

Since many companies were forced to take a digital-first approach during the pandemic, digital customer experience has become paramount.

However, existing test automation approaches tend to take the focus away from the customer, requiring high investment in implementation and maintenance.

In this session, Fernando will make the case for why you should consider including low-code, E2E testing into your quality strategy, and share tips on which customer journeys to prioritize, how to integrate E2E tests into your pipeline, and what data to monitor to help you optimize quality for your users.

Katarzyna Kmiotek


Load testing with Artillery and Playwright

Are you using Playwright for functional testing and want to know how you can leverage them for performance testing?

In this session, Katarzyna (“Kat”) Kmiotek, a Quality Engineer at Zoopla, will share her experience integrating Playwright tests with Artillery.

You'll discover what Artillery is, how to integrate it with Playwright, and things to watch out for when creating performance tests.

Michael Johnson


Taking A Visual Approach To Mobile Test Automation

Are you tired of chasing your development team for object IDs, and having to update your test automation scripts every time the structure of your app changes?

In this session, we’ll give you an overview of how you can take a visual approach to mobile test automation.

We’ll explore different options for automating the UI of mobile apps without having to rely on its internals (for example, through OCR or image recognition).

Plus, we’ll use real-life examples to demonstrate how you can use this approach to use a single script to automate your app across devices and platforms.

Nathan Chilton

Session (TIME TBD)

Adding Playwright alongside Karate and Cucumber

How to add Playwright(Python) tests into an established repository of tests in other frameworks.

We started with a set of Gherkin tests in Feature files, with step definitions which are written in Ruby and Selenium for automating the browser.

Then, we added in Karate, which also uses Feature files, into the mix. Now, I'm adding in Playwright(Python) using the Behave framework so that these tests can be written in Feature files, too, but with the step definitions written in Python.

All the tests are in Feature files and every scenario is tagged with the type of test (@ruby, @karate, @python), which lets us ensure that the right test runner is used for each test. Py4J lets the Python tests run Java code, including some custom Java code which we wrote for our Karate tests.

- If all your tests are in .feature files, you can use multiple frameworks together and continue to run your old tests alongside your new ones.
- Py4J lets Python tests run Java code, so you can make use of all the Java libraries as well as the Python libraries
- Java can run Ruby, so I can enable my new Python tests to run old Ruby code, written for our legacy tests, by using Java
- A "dry run" of all the tests matching a set of tags will yield JSON logs which contain all the tags of all the tests you want to run, which lets you make a list of all those tests and then divide the list according to type and run each list of tests with the appropriate test runner.

Sahil Puri

Sahil Puri


Give Your Automation Suite A Life: Build A CI/CD Pipeline Around It!

Most automation frameworks/suites remain unused by testing teams , and do not extract the desired ROI and acceptance across organisation. A real time solution to this problem is to build CI and/or CD pipelines around the automation suites for shift left approach and early feedback.

This will also help in bringing the automation suite closer to the developers team because of early feedback on every PR merge/code commit.

This talk shall talk about CI & CD methodology , how it comes under SDET responsibility ,and some tools (Demo) to implement the same.

Marie Cruz (

Marie Cruz


Browser Automation And Frontend Performance With Xk6-Browser

The golden rule of web performance states that for most web pages, less than 10–20% of the end user response time is spent getting the HTML document from the web server to the browser while 80-90% of the end user response time is spent on the frontend.

When we talk about performance testing, the most common activity that we do is to load test our backend servers. We come to a realisation that once we have optimised our servers and databases, that our application is now performant. However, this should not be the case.

Just because our servers have returned the response to a specific request doesn't mean that our users can see the response on the web page yet. There are many factors affecting frontend performance as well and it's as equally important to test to make sure that our users have the best user experience.

Historically, when we think of frontend and backend performance, we have to use separate tools. But what if there is one tool that can do this both?

In this talk, I want to introduce you to xk6-browser. xk6-browser is an extension to k6 which brings browser automation and end-to-end web testing to k6 while supporting core k6 features. It adds browser-level scripting APIs to interact with real browsers and collect frontend metrics as part of your k6 tests. With xk6-browser, this gives you the ability to measure how your frontend is behaving during certain events which would be difficult to catch from the protocol-level.

Here are a few takeaways for my talk:
- Learn why frontend performance is as important as backend performance
- Understand why performance testing is not just about load testing
- Know what xk6-browser is and why k6 has decided to introduce browser automation as part of the k6 ecosystem
- Know how to create a script using xk6-browser and combine it with existing features from k6

Satyajit Malugu

Session (TIME TBD)

Complete CI Pipeline With GitHub Actions

Creating great tests is only a start, the main job of the tests is to continuously give feedback during the SDLC process.

In this session, we will explore various ways to configure GitHub pipelines to orchestrate a pipeline including:

-- How to run E2E tests only after other tests are passing.

-- How to parallelize jobs for reducing execution time.
-- How to retry failed tests.
-- How to run a specific job at a specific time, say nightly.
-- Collecting test results and show them on the PR.
-- Create and collect code coverage metrics and display them on the PR.
-- Visibly show build and test states as badges on top of a PR.

Chris Trimper

Chris Trimper


AI Techniques pave the way to User Experience Testing

Leverage various AI techniques to test more like your users do.

I'll discuss various AI / Computer Vision techniques used to enable functional testing that is in alignment with the end-user experience. With over 2 years of adoption of these techniques in the web and mobile space, I'll share observations, techniques, and unique new defects we were able to catch.


Tobias Müller


Continuous Validation

In this session, you'll learn about:

-- What are the challenges in regulated markets (MedTech, Pharma, ...) in case of 3rd party software
-- What problems are regulated customers facing because of DevOps
-- Why Test Automation is a path forward for customers in these markets
-- How to address the typical challenges in regulated markets: 100% Traceability, Zero-Level-Of-Intrusion, mandatory audits

Lee Barnes Headshot

Lee Barnes

Session (TIME TBD)

Successful Test Automation Myths and Risks

In the frantic race to automate everything, one critical fact often gets overlooked… that test automation is NOT testing.

Many organizations equate a comprehensive automated test suite with an effective software testing function.

However, their definition of test automation is often limited to the automated execution of scripted test steps.

Even in the best-case scenario, this approach can give a false sense of security - especially when executing automated checks is the only “testing” that’s performed in the development cycle.

In this session, Lee will discuss why he sees the craft of software testing being swallowed up by test automation.

He will help you think beyond just the execution of scripted tests and apply automation principles more generally to testing activities.

You will learn how to look at testing and automation as complementary activities and take back techniques for using a context-driven approach to automation to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your software testing.

Maros Kutschy


How To Train Your Automation Engineer

How to train QA automation engineer from person without any IT experience in short period of time? Is it possible at all? What should be the priorities during the training and the focus? I will answer on these questions during my speech. I will use my own automation framework for the examples during the session:

What will I share with the attendees:

I will share concrete examples and details of the training.

Key Takeaways:
It is possible to train QA Automation engineer from ordinary people within IT knowledge in reasonable period.

Content of the presentation:
1. Programming language
2. Functional UI Testing Tool
3. Functional API Testing Tool
4. Visual and Layout UI testing Tool
5. Continuous Integration Tool
6. Tool for analysis of Automation Failures
7. Version Control System
8. Issue Tracking Tool
9. Test Cases Management Tool
10. Mindset and Habits
11. Meditation
12. Physical Exercise
13. Core (Soft) Skills

Pankaj Goel Headshot

Pankaj Goel


Get with the times: How to incorporate DevOps into your ERP Transformation

80% of ERP transformations go over time or budget. While most transformational leaders recognize that utilizing DevOps can streamline these cumbersome projects, actually incorporating DevOps into ERP transformations has proven to be quite the challenge.

In this session, Pankaj Goel, CEO of Opkey, will explain how test automation is key for incorporating DevOps into ERP transformations, and will share how he used DevOps methods to successfully migrate 40 of The GAP’s business units from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud.

Michael Johnson

Session (TIME TBD)

Taking a Visual Approach to Mobile Test Automation

Are you tired of chasing your development team for object IDs, and having to update your test automation scripts every time the structure of your app changes?

In this session, we’ll give you an overview of how you can take a visual approach to mobile test automation.

We’ll explore different options for automating the UI of mobile apps without having to rely on its internals (for example, through OCR or image recognition).

We’ll use real-life examples to demonstrate how you can use this approach to use a single script to automate your app across devices and platforms.

Revathi Headshot

Revathi Pushpam


Testing Strategies for Metaverse, VR

Metaverse market is growing and there is lot of scope for testers.

In this session, you'll learn about:

-- Tools/ Techniques currently available
-- Market scope and how its going to scale up in next 5 years
-- Web 3.0

somya gupta

Somya Gupta


Journey from automation to Intelligent automation

This talk will cover the basic concepts of Automation, Robotics Automation, intelligent automation, etc.

Audiences will be well equipped with the knowledge of the industry jargon for automation. And also be aware of how to kick-start their automation journey.

This talk will also be comparing automation technologies with one another and also be covering the common myths that exist alongside them.

The key takeaways will be :

1. Audience will be well equipped with Robotics and intelligent automation concepts and how to kick start their personal/professional journey in it.
2. Audience will be aware of the common use cases across various industries that leverage the automation and intelligent automation strategy.


Leandro Melendez


Performance (And Load) Testing In Production

Since ancient times we have heard the phrase "you do not ever test in production." That phrase, at a point, was reasonably accurate for all QA endeavors, especially for performance testing.

This taboo came partly from the misconception that performance testing meant loading and determining the system's limits by bringing it down with load tests.
But that was the past.

We are now in the modern age of CI/CD, service-oriented applications, the ever-expandable cloud, spread applications with microservices, and much more.

Performance testing is also evolving with these modern changes, just trying to push the system to its limits is challenging, weird, and at times pointless.

In this talk, Leandro will flip the establishment. He will explain why the traditional methods may not be so suitable anymore.

And in the talk, you will find several recommendations to embrace these types of tests in your precious production environments.

The recommendations will be as mind-blowing as load testing in production and even reaching the realms of manual load tests—staggering and eye-popping information delivered as usual with fun analogies and fantastic stories.


Kristin Jackvony


Rounding Out The Automation Test Wheel With Cypress

Attendees will learn about Cypress techniques and plugins that will allow them to incorporate security, performance, visual, and accessibility tests to their existing API and UI test suite.

We'll also talk a bit about how much testing is enough and how to organize tests.

Tanya Kravtsov

Tanya Kravtsov


10 Steps to Continuous Delivery

In the recent years, Agile has become a household name in the Development and Testing organization alike. While many teams adapted Agile practices like Daily Scrum, shorter Sprints and Retrospectives, they are still struggling due to manual build and deploy processes, slow and insufficient testing and integration issues. One needs to realize, that Agile cannot truly function without DevOps and DevOps without Agile.
This session will cover 10 steps that will help any company to get on the path of Continuous Integration and move closer towards the coveted Continuous Delivery. These will include setting up Repository for common artifacts, understanding and documenting the Build, Test, Deploy process flow, setting up of Continuous Integration, Automation, Monitoring and Reporting.
While adopting DevOps and following these steps does not guarantee smooth releases 10 times a day, it definitely puts the company on the right track towards faster releases with higher quality and happier employees.


Tony Venditti


Advanced Test Automation

How to combine open source tools to build powerful test automation capabilities.

marcus thomas

Marcus Thomas


Operation Automation Code Freeze

Design a Test automation framework that maximizes output while essentially freezing the lines of automation code to maintain.

-- How to break down an application into functional areas
-- How to create reusable steps that work for any scenario
-- How to create an object-oriented framework

paul Grizzaffi

Paul Grizzaffi


Softly Asserting Fire

In 1981, Judas Priest released Point of Entry. Oft maligned, this album contains the killer tune Solar Angels. Coincidentally, some of the lyrics from Solar Angels, “Diamond visions softly breathing fire”, come to mind when thinking about assertions.

When automating, we often need to check “composite” constructs, i.e. those constructs whose subparts we want to treat as one amalgamated “pass” or “fail”.

One example of this is the response received from a REST GET call; another example is a grid of data that on a GUI or web page.

If we hard assert on each field or grid cell, we get one failure at a time, which is not always efficient, especially for tests that take “a while” to run; if we address one failure, we have to run again to uncover the next failure.

Additionally, a group of failures may be more indicative of the actual problem than one problem in isolation.

Enter the “soft assert”. A soft assert is a way to amalgamate checking multiple pieces of data into a single pass/fail.

Join our speaker to hear when and how to use soft asserts, as well as when and how to NOT use soft asserts.

We’ll also see a live demo of creating a soft assert object if your programming language doesn't support one or you need a special-purpose one.


Anna Royzman


Lessons Learned In Implementing "0 Tolerance" Test Automation

Adoption of "0 tolerance to failures" automation approach in cross-functional Agile team.

-- Why do you want to adopt " 0 tolerance to failures" test automation strategy: pros and cons
-- Defining strategy, goals and team commitments
-- Path to success: management support, iterative process, time commitment, teamwork
-- Lessons learned: changing mindsets, just-in-time innovation, and good "side effects"

Kwo Ding

Kwo Ding


Bi-Directional Contract Testing With Your Existing Mocks

Do you find it hard to fit contract testing in your development workflow? What is the use of contract testing when we already have Swagger/OpenAPI specs?

Bi-directional contract testing can help with easily integrate (static) contract testing in your existing development/test workflow.

Traditional consumer-driven contract testing requires writing specific contract tests from scratch for the consumer.

On the provider side, it requires implementing test data and mocks to run the consumer contract tests against the provider. These tests often overlap with existing unit or integration tests for both consumer and provider, so why not reuse the existing tests instead?

Key takeaways:
-- You will learn what bi-directional contract testing (BDCT) is all about
-- You will learn how to perform BDCT with existing WireMock stubs using Pactflow
-- And how to do this without Pactflow (this is where swagger-mock/request-validators come in)


Trisha Chetani


Simplify Your Testing With API Testing

Imagine having an application under test where documentation is sparse, people with information can’t
be reached, or you’re otherwise left to ask yourself ‘but how does it actually work’?

In this Masterclass you will overcome all these worries and find solutions to explore your application, create targeted API tests and automate them. So at the end of this hands-on Masterclass every participant has made their own automated API-test.

To accomplish this we first start to explore a GUI that is connected to the API. Because we believe that
learning should always be fun, the GUI isn't just a boring webform, it's a digital escape room!

At the start of the workshop the participants will explore the GUI by trying to escape from the escape room. After that it’s time for the real work. Search for the API requests made by the application and automate them.

During this Masterclass we will support each participant on their own level. As a result the class is
suitable for testers with beginner or intermediate level experience with API testing and/or test-automation who wish to improve these skills.

Key Takeaways:
- Use DevTools to map the API
- Ways to map and process the information gained from the API
- Tactics, tips & tricks to focus on the most useful and important API calls first

Badrinarayanan R

Badrinarayanan R


Security Test Automation with Selenium

Run Security Test via Selenium Automation Suite.

Security Testing is always done manually and there is a security team who does it.

Now it's time for our QA's to upfront run the security test via our regular regression suite to find any urgent or high-priority leakages. This helps in a quicker release process rather than waiting for the results from the security team.

Jency Stella

Jency Stella


Codeless Testing With POSTMAN

APIs are one of the limelight topics in recent years, everywhere we can hear this term. Even though APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have existed ever since software existed, in recent years it has become a critical requirement for being able to scale and grow your Product.

APIs allow pieces of code to bridge together as applications so they can work cohesively together.

API Testing has reached stardom nowadays. This process helps to ensure that performance, functionality, security, and reliability of software meet expectations - in other words, that the server (API) is able to serve several visitors simultaneously, return to the client, bring the exact response that was hit on the browser and so on.

If this testing wasn’t performed then consequently, ineffective APIs can result in integration difficulties, poor software quality, user frustration, and revenue losses.

POSTMAN is an API development environment used by more than 7 million developers today. With POSTMAN you can design, mock, debug, test, document, monitor and publish APIs all at the same time. Postman is very convenient when it comes to executing APIs. Postman is preferred due to its handy and simplified features.

Many would be familiar with POSTMAN testing essentials, but in recent times POSTMAN team has introduced a new codeless feature “Flows”, which is an API workflow builder.

These days Codeless testing is more popular where the tester never has to write a single line of code, in similar lines "Flows" will help you to automate your API requests without any coding. Flows is basically a codeless approach to chaining processes together. It really opens up Postman to a whole new audience.

So what will we uncover in this session?
- Glimpse of Low-Code / No-Code
- Know about Flows and its concepts
- Traditional API Test Automation approach
- Benefits of using Flows
- Interesting Use Cases in FLOWS


Nikolay Stanoev


Speed Up Automation Analysis

During the session you will learn about Report Portal - what kind of features it has and how they can help with automation analysis of failed tests. Some lessons which we have learned the hard way. And last but not least some statistics before / after Report Portal integration in our company.


Nadezhda Zheleva

Gergana Valova


The happily ever after with in-sprint automation

Once upon a time, there was a highly motivated team that wanted to automate the World. But there was lack of expertise, the time was never enough and the toolset was not easy to use. The team was getting exhausted from repetitive and redundant tasks with too much manual interaction. Almost lost hope…Then the Magic Fairy appeared and everything changed. So, what happened?

Was it an overnight magic that led to the adoption of in-sprint automation?
Was it a spell that brought more synergy between team members?
Was it a charming potion over automation-related routines?

Let us find out the answers to these questions in a real-life story.


Jaswanth Manigundan


How The Heck Are We Going To Write Tests For Async Systems?

What categorizes as an asynchronous system?
Asynchronous systems do not depend on strict arrival times of signals or messages for reliable operation. Instead, in order to coordinate, they use event-driver architecture to achieve this. In today's world of micro-services, asynchronous operations have become more and more common. Some example platforms include Kafka, SNS, SQS, and so on.

Where are we currently as a community?
Event-driven and event-sourced systems are growing in adoption across the tech industry. In a digital world driven by micro-services and event-based data flows, these kinds of systems become increasingly important. But as developers and testers, how are we going to test something like this?

What are we used to currently?
Current testing solutions always are based on the assumption that any testing event is synchronous. Let us take for example, the Arrange-Act-Assert model that is commonly used across systems. They tend to assume that the workflow is synchronous and linear.

What do we need for the future?
Therefore there is a need for testers and developers, to think about the challenges involved in testing asynchronous systems and come up with creative ideas to solve these challenges. We need to also think about how you'd add test automation to the mix. Most importantly how are you going to generate a load that is as close to real-time and asynchronously? Is it even possible?

How is this talk going to help?
Well, I've had to cross this bridge recently and I’ll be sharing my experience. I’m not gonna say it’s perfect but it’s a good start. Maybe you can help me make it better?

Gunesh Patil

Gunesh Patil


How to build a Model Based Mindset?

In this talk, I will talk about the mindset, its importance and how can one develop a tester’s mindset. Key qualities to harness to achieve that.

I will also walk through how this mindset helps in test design using Model-Based Testing. The audience will learn a new way and probably the most effective way of test design which leads to efficient (possibly automated) test automation.


Priyanka Halder


Death by Design: Do you know basics of test case design before automating?

Learn to design test cases for solid automation.

We have tons of tutorials on how to use Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright but it is hard to find tutorials or talks which will help an exploratory tester design a test case that is more suitable for automation.

During my 15+ years of career, I often work with people who are early in their automation career but they lack the concept of how to design a good automation test case.

For example, how to use the before and after tests effectively to make sure a test is not fragile. In this talk, we will go through some real-life examples of how to adopt design thinking and what you need to know if you are taking your first step toward automation testing.


Michelle Xie


Windows native application test automation: Winium or AutoIt

An introduction and examples on how to do test automation with Winium and AutoIt.

Meet Your Host

Joe Colantonio

Founder of TestGuild & Guild conferences

Hi. I’m Joe Colantonio, founder of TestGuild - a dedicated resource of actionable & real-world technical advice (Blog, Video Tutorials, Podcasts, and Online Guild Conferences) to help improve your automation, performance, and security testing efforts.


joe colantonio headshot

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Here's What Attendees Say About Automation Guild

Select Columns Layout
Select Columns Layout

must-attend event for all testing professionals.

You get all the best practices and innovative techniques in a concise manner.

George Ukkuru

Head of Quality Eng. UST

Thank you so much for creating the Automation Guild. I’m happy to have found a place that exists on the topic of test automation that doesn’t rely on test tools sites/blogs etc. Awesomeness!

Jaime Lizarazu

Senior Manager - Test Automation

4th year attending the Automation Guild conference and its value and content keeps getting better. Huge thanks to Joe for putting on such a great event.

Stuart Noble

Test Manager

I enjoyed the Automation Guild, made a stack of notes, then implemented nearly code-less automation in just 90 days!

Nick Baynham

Automation Architect

I've enjoyed attending these conferences since the beginning. It's very informative. I learn about industries I haven't worked in yet, new tools, and I get to connect with others. Together, we have a wealth of knowledge! It's great to be able to share ideas. And I always look forward to using what I learned.

Annette S.

Test Automation Architect

The community is just amazing!

The conversations and interactions with both participants and other speakers are stellar!

Being an online conference, it still manages to feel "closer" than many in-person dittos.

Simon Aronsson

Head of Developer Relations

As always, an awesome event! A superabundance of testing goodness.

Even before the conference had ended, the team was already chasing new ideas, refining existing practices and getting colleagues excited about new possibilities.

Validation of current practices and plans is always a tremendous win and Automation Guild weighs in massively in this regard.

Our plans are solid and aligned with those of our peers around the globe; the future is bright indeed!

What could be more awesome than that?

Mike Taber

Test Architect

I gained critical insights into the tools and techniques that industry practitioners use, the strategies that businesses consider when building an automation strategy, and the industry's latest automation trends.

I didn't expect an e-conference to be so well organized...and how welcoming the community that Joe and Team have built was. You also retain access to all conference materials even after the event.

Perhaps even more valuable is the opportunity to be part of an inclusive and supportive community of knowledgeable folks that you can tap into as a resource as you develop your career. Automation Guild sets the bar high!

Felix Lee

Test Lead

I joined the Automation Guild conference 4 times already. I always enjoy it.

You meet a lot of people who work in the same fields with you or related. And they give so many thoughts and brilliant ideas.

I feel very happy this time each year.

And I'm always looking forward to see what we will have next year ;)

Michelle Xie

Automation Tester

Thanks a lot Joe (great presenter and well organized host) and all the other presenters for this great conference (Automation Guild 2022).

This was my first conference...and it was really an eye opener for anyone who wants to start/switch/enhance their career in automation testing.

I would say it's a "single knowledge hub for all testing needs".

Also, the best part is getting lifetime access to the private Slack channel where we can good knowledge sharing - throughout the year.

Bhumesh Ruchandani

Principal Member Of Technical Staff

I have worked in Software Test Automation for many years.

But Joe and his conferences always give me new information and skills to keep me marketable.

And Joe's conferences continue to inspire me and renew my Test Automation love and spirit! -Forever appreciated!

I have attended Joe's conferences since the first one.

Thank you.

Renee Simpson

Software Test Automation Expert

It was my first Automation Guild and it was spot on. The right balance of technical and non technical talks, all interesting and with great presenters.

It is this kind of conference that pokes my brain and triggers new ideas for the day to day activities that I really enjoy.

More than just great talks, the attendees (the guild) are aligned in helping each other by sharing ideas or building on what was just heard and learning new things, the interaction is really something that takes this conference to another level.

To repeat, I can say I'm an official member of the guild now!

Cristiano Cunha

Solution Architect & Testing Advocate


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Here's Some More Attendee Feedback About Automation Guild

Automation Guild brings us a lot of news in testing and test automation field every year.

It is more than a conference; it is a community where you can motivate yourself.

As a long-term follower I really appreciate Joe’s work for the community and test automation topic. Cheers!

Maros Dzuris

Sr. Test Automation Engineer

A fantastic event! Better than any conference I've been to.

What a great way to stay up to date on tech related to all things automation awesomeness!

I got so many things to take back and implement :)

Jesse Gregory

QA Automation Engineer

Automation Guild 2022 was awesome! I learned a lot and there were many takeaways to implement in practice.

I loved the Q&As (the quality of the questions was very high)...and also the fact that I get lifetime access to all the video sessions because it was lot of info. Many sessions are worth rewatching.

Mark Cole

Application Software Tester

Julia Pottinger

Automation Guild was an amazing experience for me. It was a wealth of knowledge being shared. Everyone was supportive.

I definitely learned a lot and it showed me a wide range of techniques that can be applied to make testing better.

One of THE best conferences I have attended. From the content to the community interaction - AMAZING!

Julia Pottinger

Training & Development Manager

Automation Guild is timely, practical, and community led.

Unlike in other conferences, the talks favor demos and techniques over abstract philosophies and marketing.

I would highly recommend Automation Guild as a great way to learn new things and network with other testing professionals.

Nicole Van Der Hoeven

Developer Advocate (Perf. Testing)

I've been doing testing automation for 21 years and I really enjoyed the Automation Guild.

I really like that I got back into latest industry trends. The conference was really well organized and there was a wide variety of applicable topics.

I'm also really enjoying the Slack community and the ability to communicate with test automation experts from all around the world, year-round.

Overall, I found that Automation Guild was really great and I have a lot of ideas that I can apply to my work.

Michelle Pleas

Principal Test Engineer