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Achieve Faster, Better, Reliable, And Less Flaky Automation in 2021...By 'Copy-Pasting' The Best-Kept Secrets, Proven Strategies, And Actionable Techniques Of World's Top Automation Experts

Avoid little-known mistakes, shorten your learning curve, and Fast-track your career growth...with Lifetime Access to 36 Video Training (+ FAQ) Sessions From This Year's 5-Day LIVE Automation Guild Event and join Our Private Slack community of 2000+ skilled testers Now!

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Not to be missed. You are guaranteed to pick up a tip, trick or learn something new about test automation.

William Stasyna

Sr. QA Automation Specialist

The breadth of talent, skills, and experience Joe brings together is truly awesome. The value you get will shape the quality landscape of your organization.

Andrew Clark


George Ukkuru Headshot

A must-attend event for all testing professionals. You get all the best practices and innovative techniques in a concise manner.

George Ukkuru

Head of Quality Eng. UST

Build Better Software Faster - Armed With Key Functional (And Non-Functional) Insights, Best Practices, And Innovative Tips Based on Real-World Expertise

Ever felt like throwing your laptop across the room...or smash your keyboard due to the headaches caused and time wasted on flaky tests?

Automation testing can be frustrating, time-consuming, and seem too darn complex.

But it doesn't HAVE to be.

That's my main goal behind hosting Automation Guild every year - an event made by the testers...for the testers.

For each LIVE annual event, I invite some of the most highly qualified and experienced automation experts in the world.

And give them a platform to share key functional and non-functional insights with testers to help them build better software - faster.

Plus, share all the useful tools, proven strategies, and actionable techniques they’ve picked up...over several years spent in the testing trenches.

The Automation Guild event is 100% laser-focused to help testers:
✓ Achieve faster, better, and reliable automation
✓ Save time wasted on flaky tests
✓ Upgrade (and widen) their skillset
✓ Open up more (and better) career opportunities
✓ Get paid a lot more

Missed this year's 5-Day LIVE event?

Due to high demand, you can still reserve your lifetime access to Automation Guild 2021.

And get instant access to the information and resources that the experts spent years learning, experimenting, and developing.

With everything laid out in easy-to-implement steps, you’re guaranteed to see a real difference in your automation efforts - fast.

Inside the 36 over-the-shoulder video training sessions (including dedicated FAQ sessions) you'll discover:

➤ Key Insights into Tools, Techniques, and Solutions of Industry Practitioners
➤ Best Automation Strategies for 2021 (and the future)
➤ Latest Automation Trends and Best Practices
➤ Powerful Tips for API, Mobile, and Accessibility testing
➤ The A-Z of Automation Frameworks (Appium, Cypress, WebdriverIO)
➤ Most Effective Security and Performance Testing Frameworks
➤ Selenium Automation Tricks
➤ How to Automate your Pipeline Strategies

...and a whole lot more!

Julia Pottinger

AG 2021 shared a wealth of knowledge. Everyone was supportive. I definitely learned a lot and the event showed me a wide range of techniques that can be applied to make testing better.

One of THE best conferences I have ever attended. From the content to the community interaction - AMAZING!

Julia Pottinger

Training & Development Manager

Nicole (Mendoza) van der Hoeven headshot

Automation Guild is timely, practical, and community led.

Unlike in other conferences, the talks favor demos and techniques over abstract philosophies and marketing.

I would highly recommend Automation Guild as a great way to learn new things and network with other testing professionals.

Nicole Van Der Hoeven

Developer Advocate (Perf. Testing)

But that's not all...

You'll Also Join Our 24/7 Active Slack Community of 2000+ Skilled Testers

I know that the majority of the time it feels like the managers just don't “get it” when it comes to the testing side of things.

With most testers reporting to different people, it’s natural to feel fractured from your community.

And for a lot of folks who are sole testers at their firm, it's even more lonely.

Look - you can always make your own mistakes and learn on our own…

But having a community to fall back on makes achieving your goals - much easier and a lot faster.

Because it provides a space for like-minded testers to learn from each other’s mistakes and shorten their learning curve - by months (or even years).

That’s why with Automation Guild, I built a community of testers - from beginners to advanced - ready and willing to genuinely help each other grow.

And that’s been one of the biggest game-changers for them.

Here's what industry veterans say about the Automation Guild community...

Michelle Pleas

I've been doing testing automation for 21 years and this was my first time attending an Automation Guild Conference and I really enjoyed it.

I really like that I got back into industry trends. The conference was really well organized and there was a wide variety of applicable topics.

I'm also really enjoying the Slack community and the ability to communicate with test automation experts from all around the world, year-round.

Overall, I found that Automation Guild was really great and I have a lot of ideas that I can apply to my work.

Michelle Pleas

Principal Test Engineer

Charlie Harris

You think you know everything, and then you find our you really do know just a small part of the equation.

Having testers in the Slack channel giving ideas and pointers has helped me immensely in expanding my range of knowledge and acceptance of tools that can make the wheels turn even better.

Charlie Harris

Senior Quality Assurance Manager

Just like these testers, you can also leverage the Automation Guild community as a 24/7 resource for you to:

➤ Get constant feedback on what you’re currently working on
➤ Identify what technologies other companies are working with
➤ Network with experts from all over the world (year-round)
➤ Discover the most in-demand skills to focus on
➤ Find quick solutions to technical (and career-related) problems

So if you don’t want to waste any more of your time on flaky tests…

Or jump from forum to forum searching for answers…

Or sift through 10 different articles trying to find a solution…

And would like to create consistently better, faster, and reliable automation moving forward...

Join our Slack community now - when you reserve your lifetime access to Automation Guild 2021.


Automation Guild 2021

The Complete 5-Day Event (3 days of functional automation + 2 days of non-functional automation)

  • 36 Over-The-Shoulder Video Training (including dedicated FAQ) Sessions
  • Lifetime Access - Watch based on your current priorities, goals, and interests
  • Join Our 24/7 Active Slack Community of 2000+ Skilled Testers

 $297   $277

60 day guarantee

Automation Guild 2021 - The Complete 5-Day Lineup

DAY 1: Functional Automation (7 Sessions)

Rick Martin Headshot

Rick Martin // QE Practice Manager

Test Automation is Not (just) Automating Tests

Jonathan Lipps

Jonathan Lipps // Main leader & Contributor for Appium

Taking Appium 2.0 for a Test Drive

Leandro Melendez

Leandro Melendez // Performance test consultant

Automating the automatic automation

Manoj Kumar // Selenium Committer

Selenium Grid 4 – Telemetry and more!

Julia Pottinger

Julia Pottinger // Lead QA Consultant

Next Level API Automation: Testing the Boundaries

Sonja Quartz Leaf

Sonja Leaf  // Senior Quality Engineer

Set the stage with Playwright and CucumberJS


Titus Fortner // Test Automation Advocate

Managing Your Data with Abstractions

DAY 2: Functional Automation (7 Sessions)

Anton Hristov & Lauren Clayberg // @mabl

Testing in Fast-Paced Delivery Organization

Eran Kinsbruner Headshot

Eran Kinsbruner // Chief Evangelist @ Perfecto

Key Mobile App Trends & What They Mean for Dev & Testing

Shani Shoham

Shani Shoham // Founder 21 labs

Modern Test Automation

Diana Oks

Diana Oks // Automation Engineer

Codeless Automation

Jim Evans
David Burns
Diego Molina

Jim Evans, David Burns, Diego Molina // Selenium Core Contributor

Roundtable: Ask Us Anything about the Future of Selenium

Stephen Kilbourn

Stephen Kilbourn  // Senior Quality Engineer

Decide When to Pick Cypress vs. WebdriverIO.

Mark Winteringham New Headshot

Mark Winteringham // Ministry of Testing DojoBoss

Look at the State of your Automation Test Data

DAY 3: Functional Automation (8 Sessions)

Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart // Selenium WebDriver Creator

Using Selenium 4 in Anger

Seb Rose Headshot

Seb Rose // @SmartBear

Are BDD and Test Automation the same thing?

Angie Jones
Dmytro headshot
Filip Hric Headshot
Pekka Klarck

Angie Jones // Principal Automation Architect

Filip Hric // Cypress Ambassador

Dmytro S // Modern Web Testing with TestCafe

Pekka Klarck // Lead Developer of Robot Framework

Roundtable: Frameworks Other Than Selenium

Dimitri Harding

Dimitri Harding // SDET

Data Driven Testing - Increasing Test Coverage and Reducing Test Code

Shriram Krishnan

Shriram Krishnan & Guljeet Nagpaul // @ACCELQ

Full Stack Automation – How to get it right!

Bas Dijkstra

Bas Dijkstra: // Test Automation Trainer

(BONUS)  Lessons learned on my first software development project

Srinivasan Sekar

Srinivasan Sekar  // Appium Member, Selenium & Webdriverio Contributor

Consumer Driven Contracts

Tariq King Headshot

Tariq King // Chief Scientist AI/ML

AI for Game Testing: It's All Fun and Games Until the Tests Fail!

DAY 4: Non-Functional Automation (7 Sessions)

Daniel Do Valle Headshot
Jeff Fillegar headshot

Daniel Do Valle & Jeff Fillegar // @Tricentis

Test Automation @ the speed of change: SAP and Salesforce

Simon Meggle

Simon Meggle // Founder of ELABIT

E2E Monitoring: Bridging Robot Framework and CheckMK using RobotMK

Anvesh Malhotra Headshot

Anvesh Malhotra // Senior Software Developer

Performance Testing for Massive Scale using

Pragati Sharma Headshot

Pragati Sharma // Senior Quality Consultant

Accessibility Automation Testing

Simon Aronsson

Simon Aronsson // Developer Advocate

Using Chaos Engineering to Test Distributed Systems

George Ukkuru Headshot

George Ukkuru  // Head of Quality Engineering

Behavior Driven Non-Functional Testing (performance & security)


Stephen Townshend // Performance Specialist

How to Build a Performance Testing Framework

DAY 5: Non-Functional Automation (7 Sessions)

Dan Billing Headshot

Dan Billing // Lead Test Engineer

Security Testing - Introducing the Zed Attack Proxy HUD

Marie Drake

Marie Drake // Cypress Ambassador

Performance Testing using

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert // @Parasoft

Save Time & Money: Calculate the ROI of Test Automation

Navpreet Singh

Navpreet Singh // SDET | Full Stack QA

RestAssured- Creating API & Performance Automated Tests

Robert Gutierrez Headshot

Robert Gutierrez // Developer Advocate

Immersive Experience QA: VR, AR and Game Test Automation


Oli Moradov  // VP of Dev and Strategic Alliances

Enabling QA to Run Security Assurance with Existing Functional Scripts

Mohamed Labouardy

Mohamed Labouardy // Author of the book "Pipeline as Code"

Demo on how to use the pipeline as code approach for running automated tests.

Meet Few Expert Speakers of Automation Guild 2021

Tariq King Headshot

Tariq King

Chief Scientist

about the expert

Tariq King is the Chief Scientist at - where he leads research and development of their core platform for AI-driven testing.

Tariq has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and testing.

He has worked as Head of Quality, Director of Quality Engineering, Manage of Software Engineering, and Test Architect.

Eran Kinsbruner Headshot

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief Evangelist @ Perfecto

about the expert

Eran is the chief evangelist at Perfecto (a Perforce company) and the author of 'The Digital Quality Handbook' and 'Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals'.

He is also the monthly columnist at the Enterprisers Project.

He is a software engineering professional with nearly 20 years of experience at companies such as Matrix, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, Texas Instruments, and NeuStar.

He is also a patent-holding inventor for a test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing, public speaker, researcher, and blogger.

Manoj Kumar

Selenium Committer

about the expert

Manoj is a Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks.

He is an open-source enthusiast, a contributor to the Selenium project, and a member of Selenium's project leadership committee.

He's also an Appium committer. And has contributed to various libraries and frameworks in the automated testing ecosystem like ngWebDriver, Serenity, and Protractor.

Manoj is a voluntary member of the W3C ACT-R group.

Bas Dijkstra

Test Automation Trainer

Bas Dijkstra

about the expert

He is a test automation trainer and developer. He has been active in the test automation field for over 14 years - first as an engineer...but these days mostly as a trainer, consultant, and part-time software developer.

He's delivered test automation training to a wide range of companies and conference attendees in the Netherlands as well as abroad - to excellent reviews.

Titus Fortner

Test Automation Advocate


about the expert

Titus Fortner is a core contributor to the Selenium project and the maintainer of the Ruby bindings.

He spends a lot of time writing open source testing software built on top of Selenium.

He is the project lead for Watir and is active in supporting these projects on Stack Overflow, message boards, and in the Selenium Slack (and irc).

Titus has implemented automated tests at 5 different companies - currently working at Sauce Labs as a Solution Architect.

Mark Winteringham

Ministry of Testing DojoBoss

Mark Winteringham New Headshot

about the expert

Mark is a tester, coach, teacher, and an international speaker - presenting workshops on technical testing techniques.

He has worked on award-winning projects across a wide variety of tech sectors. And has a lot of experience working with various Web, mobile, and desktop technologies.

He is an expert in technical testing and automation...and a passionate advocate of risk-based automation & automation in testing practices.

Mark is also the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic in London...and hosts regular workshops for new testers to give them free mentoring and key lessons in software testing.

Your Host

Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio is the founder of TestGuild a blog, podcasts, and online conferences dedicated 100% to helping you with all your automation, performance, and security testing efforts.

Joe Colantonio
Tariq King Approves
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Here's What a Few More Attendees Say About Automation Guild:

Michelle Xie

I joined the Automation Guild conference 4 times already. I always enjoy it.

You meet a lot of people who work in the same fields with you or related. And they give so many thoughts and brilliant ideas.

I feel very happy this time each year. And I'm always looking forward to see what we will have next year ;)

Michelle Xie

Automation Tester

Mike Clark

Although early in my automation career, Automation Guild provided me a plethora of information, resources, and education that was well worth the price of admission.

Mike Clark

QA Engineering Manager

Nick Baynham

I enjoyed the Automation Guild, made a stack of notes, then implemented nearly code-less automation in just 90 days!

Nick Baynham

Automation Architect

Stuart Noble

4th year attending the Automation Guild conference and its value and content keeps getting better. Huge thanks to Joe for putting on such a great event.

Stuart Noble

Test Manager

Mike Taber

As always, an awesome event! A superabundance of testing goodness.

Even before the conference had ended, the team was already chasing new ideas; refining existing practices and getting colleagues excited about new possibilities.

Validation of current practices and plans is always a tremendous win and Automation Guild weighs in massively in this regard.

Our plans are solid and aligned with those of our peers around the globe; the future is bright indeed!

What could be more awesome than that?

Mike Taber

Test Architect


I gained critical insights into the tools and techniques that industry practitioners use, the strategies that businesses consider when building an automation strategy, and the industry's latest automation trends.

I didn't expect an e-conference to be so well organized...and how welcoming the community that Joe and Team have built was. You also retain access to all conference materials even after the event.

Perhaps even more valuable is the opportunity to be part of an inclusive and supportive community of knowledgeable folks that you can tap into as a resource as you develop your career. Automation Guild sets the bar high!

Felix Lee

Test Lead

Imagine If You Could...

Get Only Real-World Info

Discover the proven strategies, core principles, and actionable techniques that'll make a REAL difference in your automation efforts this year - fast!

Have Everything At Your Fingertips

Watch every single session you couldn't attend LIVE - at your pace - based on your priorities, goals, and interests.

Get 24/7 Community Support

Find quick solutions, important feedback, new ideas, career help, strategy advice, networking opportunities, etc. - from 2000+ skilled testers!

But not only that...

Imagine if you could also take all over-the-shoulder video training (+ FAQ) Sessions from Automation Guild 2021 for a risk-free trial run...

And "try out" interacting with 2000+ skilled testers in our community...

BEFORE making a final decision.


Because when you invest in lifetime access to Automation Guild 2021, you'll also be covered by my...

60 Day

60-Day "Love it or Leave it"

Money-Back Guarantee

Invest in Yourself with Confidence...It's 100% Risk Free!

You’re just 1 step away from getting direct access to the best-kept automation secrets, proven strategies, and actionable techniques of the world’s top automation experts.

And with everything laid out in easy-to-implement steps, you’re guaranteed to see a real difference in your automation efforts - fast.

But if for any reason, you don't get insane value from Automation Guild 2021...

Or you don’t achieve faster, better, and less flaky automation…

Or you don’t see a massive improvement in your automation skills…

Simply let me know within 60 days, and I'll return 100% of your investment.

That means you’ll have enough time (2 full months) to see the results for yourself at no risk to you.

So if you want to achieve faster, better, and reliable automation this year...without wasting your time and effort on flaky tests...

Simply ‘copy-paste’ the proven advice of the world’s top industry experts...and put your automation powers in overdrive by "test-driving" unlimited access to Automation Guild 2021 today - 100% risk-free!


Automation Guild 2021

The Complete 5-Day Event (3 days of functional automation + 2 days of non-functional automation)

  • 36 Over-The-Shoulder Video Training (including dedicated FAQ) Sessions
  • Lifetime Access - Watch based on your current priorities, goals, and interests
  • Join Our 24/7 Active Slack Community of 2000+ Skilled Testers

 $297   $277

60 day guarantee


21 Labs Logo
TechBeacon_330x145 px

Community Sponsor

Tristan Lombard Headshot

Tristan Lombard // Community Builder @Testim

Frequently asked questions

What kind of results can I expect?

The Automation Guild conference is laser-focused on helping you:

✓ Create faster, better, and reliable automation
✓ Avoid headaches caused and save time wasted on flaky tests
✓ Upgrade (and widen) your skillset
✓ Open up more (and better) career opportunities
✓ Get paid a lot more

And that's exactly what you can expect to get out of all the actionable video training (+ FAQ) sessions of Automation Guild 2021.

By implementing "in-the-trench" expert advice, you'll be able to avoid a lot of time-consuming mistakes, shorten your learning curve, and fast-track your career growth.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Lifetime access to Automation Guild 2021 can only be unlocked for a one-time investment of $277.

I understand $277 carries a different weight for testers from various countries and financial situations.

That’s why I suggest looking at this as an investment in yourself...and evaluate it from an ROI point of view.

Q #1 ⇨ Would getting lifetime access to practical and real-world knowledge of the world's top automation experts - help you get a higher salary and open up more (and better) opportunities?

Q #2 ⇨ Would 24/7 access to 2000+ skilled testers help you get quick solutions, avoid mistakes, save a ton of time, and enable you to reach your goals faster?

Q #3 ⇨ Simply put...would it give you back way more than your investment in AG 2021 - just like it has for all the testers in our community?

Asking yourself the above 3 questions will help you make the best decision for your current situation.


I don’t want you worrying about losing your investment…

That’s why I also offer an unconditional 60-day "Love it or Leave it" 100% money-back guarantee.

And honestly, I don’t know of any other online conference in the world that gives 100% of the investment back.

In what order should I watch the sessions?

One way is to consume all the sessions - as they happened LIVE - in chronological order.

But the most effective way is to watch them according to your current priorities, goals, and interests.

By prioritizing, you’ll see instantly favorable results for your most immediate needs.

Why don’t you offer individual sessions?

Automation Guild is an industry-standard annual conference.

For each conference, I invite only the best and most qualified automation experts in the world.

And these experienced speakers freely give away…

Every actionable technique and key insight they’ve picked up after spending years (even decades) in the industry.

And share every time-consuming mistake they have learned lessons from - the hard way.

But not just that…

They also answer ALL questions (from beginners to advanced) of attending testers at the Roundtable “Ask Experts Anything” Sessions.

As a host and organizer of Automation Guild…

I believe the AG Conference is best consumed in its entirety for the most optimal learning experience.

Plus, this way it’s more viable since you’re able to get an extremely low per session rate.