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How to use Microsoft CodedUI

Do you need to automate both browser-based and Windows-based applications? Not sure what tool to use? I think one of the most overlooked tools for test automation is Microsoft CodedUI.

In my experience there are limited resources available that help people learn CodedUI, which is why I was excited when I came across Marcel de Vries' Pluralsight Course, Test Automation with CodedUI.

CodedUI Course Details

The training course is broken down into nine main modules (listed below) and contains over five hours of video instruction:

  • CodedUI Introduction
  • CodedUI Record and Playback
  • CodedUI Understanding the Object Model
  • Managing Search Configuration and Playback options
  • Handling Big Projects
  • Analyzing Playback Failures
  • Cross Browser Playback
  • Data-driven UI Tests

Scope of CodedUI Course

This course covers everything you need to get started using Microsoft CodedUI, beginning with an explanation of what CodedUI actually is. It then runs the gamut, from covering how to use the record methods all the way through creating tests that run against cross browsers as well as how to data drive UI tests.

You will also learn how to automate browser applications as well as how to automate other Windows-based technologies like WPF, Windows Forms

While speaking on one of my TestTalks podcasts, Marcel mentioned that he is also planning on creating training that focuses exclusively on web automation.

My Experience with the CodedUI Course

What I liked about this training is that not only does Marcel cover the use of the different functionalities of CodedUI, he also covers best practices on how to create maintainable automation projects.

I thought his explanation of what should and should be automated and why was excellent, and should really help you understand how to approach your test automation projects.

In the past, my team had taken a quick look at CodedUI to see if it could help us with some of our automation efforts. At that time it was deemed too complicated for our needs. Boy — do I wish I had checked out this course first!

Marcel effectively explains how CodedUI works and includes some great diagrams that help to explain the underlying technology of CodedUI. Once you finish wrapping your head around that, Marcel shows that the CodedUI is really a pretty easy API to learn.

I was also surprised to learn that CodedUI actually uses Selenium to help test Chrome and Firefox browsers. But unlike Selenium, which is only for web-based testing, CodedUI is unique in that it allows you to automate a bunch of different technologies and is not limited to the browsers.

This is especially important if you work for a large company that has many enterprise solutions because you are most likely required to automate many different types of applications — not just web applications.

Recommendation for Course

This course you will help you discover all the reasons why CodedUI might be the perfect tool for you to use to create your own automation awesomeness. After completing all the training you should be able to create CodedUI tests for WPF, Windows Forms, XAML-based Store apps and Web applications.

Free Bonus

For a sneak peak of some of the security testing awesomeness Marcel shares in his course, take a listen to Episode 27 of TestTalks, during which I interview Marcel about his course and much, much more.

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