Automation Guild Conference Registration Now Open

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Automation Guild Registration

Automation Guild Conference 2017 Registration is Now Open

I'm excited to announce that registration for the Automation Guild Conference 2017 is now open!

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What is the Automation Guild exactly?

Automation Guild is the first ever event of its kind, 100% online conference taking place the week of January 9th to the 13th that is dedicated to helping YOU perfect the craft of creating automation awesomeness and accelerate your automation career.

Affordable Awesomeness

I've tried to make the conference as affordable as possible while still delivering high-value content. We'll be bringing you some of the best automation engineers and thought leaders in the testing space from around the world. (Be sure to check out a list of our awesome 25+ speakers )

Not Just UI Automation

This isn't just a conference on UI automation; we'll have sessions covering all things automation-related, including Docker, test data management, continuous integration, API testing, property-based testing, visual validation testing and test automation best practices.

Lifetime Access

With your paid registration, you'll also get lifetime access to all the conference videos so you can look back and watch on your own schedule.

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Save Valuable Time

Automation Guild will save you time, because you'll learn what works for other automation engineers in their successful projects.

All the speakers' sessions will be pre-recorded to ensure you'll get an excellent level of video and audio quality typically missing from other webinar-type events.

Hands on Sessions

These sessions won't be your typical boring PowerPoint slides, either. I've asked each speaker to make their pre-recorded video sessions as “hands on” as possible so it'll be like you're looking over their shoulders as they show you their favorite automation tools and techniques.

Live Aspect of the Conference

At this point you might be asking, “What about the live portion of the Automation Guild conference?” No worries-I'll be live streaming during the entire week, and most of the speakers will be available LIVE for 20-to-30 minute Q&A sessions, so you can have your questions answered on the spot. And if you can't make a particular session, no worries! You'll have access to the recordings, as well as lifetime access to all the conference sessions and trainings.

Dedicated Automaton Conference App

One of the special perks of the conference will be a dedicated Automation Guild app that you will give you the ability to contact others who are attending the conference as well as participate in poll questions and giveaways. And of course, you can ask me questions anytime LIVE during the week of the conference.

Register Now!

Are you ready to accelerate your automation efforts and career? Register NOW and join us to make this an epic conference of automation awesomeness.

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Automation Guild Registration