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Automation Guild '24

TestGuild's 8th Annual Online Event Dedicated To Helping You Achieve Better, More Reliable & Less Flaky Automation...And Succeed With All Your E2E Automation Testing Efforts

Get Instant Lifetime Access To The Complete Recordings & Resources Of the 5-Day LIVE Event of 2024 + One New & Interactive Bonus Training Session Every Month (From Mar '24 - Nov '24) — Featuring The Latest & Most Relevant Tips, Tools, Techniques, And Strategies Of Some Of The World's Top E2E Automation Experts...And Join Our Community Of 2600+ Skilled Testers Now!

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What is the Automation Guild Event?

Automation Guild is a premium, industry-standard annual ONLINE event I’ve organized since 2017.

My goal was to create a community-driven event "made for the testers, by the testers" — laser focused to help them:
✓ Achieve faster, better, and more reliable automation
✓ Save time wasted on flaky tests
✓ Avoid little-known mistakes to accelerate your day-to-day
✓ Stay ahead of the curve
✓ Massively grow your network
✓ Upgrade (and widen) your skillset to gain a competitive edge in your career
✓ Open up more (and better) career opportunities

Each year, the 5-day event brings together real-world industry experts to present video training (+ Q&A) sessions, panel talks, workshop sessions, etc. covering the latest, most relevant, & cutting-edge E2E automation testing topics — all decided by TestGuild community votes.

Special Offer for Software Professionals

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  • Complete session (+ Q&A) recordings of Automation Guild '24 (3-day OR 5-day pass)
  • Slides, chat & session transcripts, and any PDF resources shared by 45+ industry experts
  • Bonus #1: 1 new & interactive LIVE training (+Q&A) session each month — from Mar '24 to Nov '24 (ongoing)
  • Bonus #2: Join Automation Guild community of 2600+ software professionals to ask questions, get feedback, and network with — 24/7

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Automation Guild Cuts Out The "Fluff & Hype"

Having been in the industry for 25+ years — I know E2E automation testing can seem hard, time-consuming, & complex.

One of the BIGGEST challenges for software professionals is to keep track of the current industry best practices & trends…

…and know what tools, frameworks, strategies, etc. WORK (& what don’t).

And due to the current fast-paced nature of the software industry…

Trial & error = Waste of team’s resources.

That's why at Automation Guild, you get ONLY the battle-tested strategies & proven info based on the real-world expertise of E2E automation testing experts — while cutting out the fluff & hype.

This way testers, developers, QAs, and automation engineers can always stay on the forefront of this ever-evolving industry and fast-track their career growth.

Hundreds of teams from around the world attended this year's LIVE event.

But due to popular demand, registrations are still open for interested software professionals to get lifetime access to the complete recordings & resources from the 3-day (Functional only) OR the 5-day event (E2E).

Now, you also have the opportunity to get actionable tips, techniques, insights, & strategies of real-world E2E automation testing experts — on the LATEST, most relevant, & cutting-edge topics of 2024.

Training + Q&A Sessions - Covered The Latest & Most Relevant Topics

Top E2E Automation Experts - Get Lifetime Access To Real-World Advice

Interact, Get Feedback, And Network With 2600+ Software Professionals

Key insights into critical & cutting-edge topics of 2024.

Instant access. Start learning in the next 2 minutes.


Not to be missed.

You are guaranteed to pick up a tip, trick or learn something new about test automation.

William Stasyna

Sr. QA Automation Specialist

The breadth of talent, skills, and experience Joe brings together is truly awesome. The value you get will shape the quality landscape of your organization.

Andrew Clark


Although early in my automation career, Automation Guild provided me a plethora of information, resources, and education that was well worth the price of admission.

Mike Clark

QA Engineering Manager

Build Better Software, Faster - With Lifetime Access To The Most Relevant Topics Covering The Latest In Functional & Non-Functional Automation

Ever felt like throwing your laptop across the room...or smash your keyboard due to the headaches caused and time wasted on flaky tests?

As I mentioned earlier, automation testing can be frustrating, time-consuming, and seem too darn complex.

But it doesn't HAVE to be.

That's my motivation behind hosting Automation Guild every year — a community-driven online event dedicated to full pipeline automation testing.

An Online Event Made By The Testers — For The Testers.

For each LIVE annual event, I invite some of the most highly qualified and experienced automation experts in the world...

...and give them a platform to share key functional and non-functional insights to help you build better software - faster.

The goal is for you to discover the latest tools, best practices, real-world tips, actionable techniques, and proven strategies.

At this year's Automation Guild '24, we hosted 40 actionable video training (including two 90-min workshop & three panel discussion) sessions — covering the latest and most relevant topics in functional and non-functional automation.

Day 1:
9 Sessions (Functional automation topics)
Day 2:
8 Sessions (Functional automation topics)
Day 3:
8 Sessions (Functional automation topics)

Day 4:
7 Sessions (Non-functional automation topics like perf. & security testing, DevOps, career advice, etc.)
Day 5:
8 Sessions (Non-functional automation topics)

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to get from Automation Guild '24:
➤ Key insights into tools/techniques of industry leaders
➤ Most effective automation testing strategies for 2024 (and the future)
➤ Latest automation trends & best practices
➤ Powerful tips & tricks for popular automation frameworks
➤ Real-world info on cutting-edge topics

And a whole lot more!

Julia Pottinger

Automation Guild was an amazing experience for me. It was a wealth of knowledge being shared. Everyone was supportive.

I definitely learned a lot and it showed me a wide range of techniques that can be applied to make testing better.

One of THE best conferences I have attended. From the content to the community interaction - AMAZING!

Julia Pottinger

Training & Development Manager

Automation Guild is timely, practical, and community led.

Unlike in other conferences, the talks favor demos and techniques over abstract philosophies and marketing.

I would highly recommend Automation Guild as a great way to learn new things and network with other testing professionals.

Nicole Van Der Hoeven

Developer Advocate (Perf. Testing)

Refer below for the 40 session topics covered at Automation Guild '24

**Each Training Session (Except For Panel Discussions) Was Also Followed By A Dedicated Q&A Session With The Expert.**

Automation Guild 2024: Sessions & Speakers

DAY 1: 9 Functional Automation Sessions


Dave Piacente


Redefining Test Automation

There are a common set of techniques that seasoned test automation practitioners know to be the pillars of any successful automated testing practice that can be fit into most (if not all) team contexts.

But some things have either been left out, or are described in ways that are disadvantageous for the industry simply because we don't talk about it from the perspective of the fundamentals used to craft them.

By reasoning from first principles, we will be able to unearth a more impactful definition of test automation that can act as a compass and help supercharge everyone's test automation practice - while also understanding how to navigate the uncharted waters of new technologies that challenge existing paradigms.


Artem Bondar


Cypress Vs Playwright. Which One To Pick?

Both frameworks Cypress and Playwright are still pretty new to the market, unlike Selenium.

That's why there are a lot of unknowns about the real advantages and limitations of both frameworks.

Sometimes it can be costly to the company if they accidentally make a wrong decision and then need to transition to another framework.

This presentation can help them to make the right choice.

A man in a suit standing in front of a wall.


Mush Honda


Journey Through the Test Automation Realms: Maturity Stages in a Quality Engineering Adventure with Katalon

Embark on a test automation odyssey inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, navigating through Katalon's usage maturity stages. Begin with low-code/no-code feats in Katalon Studio, advance to crafting custom spells with keyword scripting, and ascend to mastery with scheduled executions and TestCloud. Overcome challenges, reap rewards, and wield the Katalon arsenal. Dive into the strategic realm of TestOps for comprehensive reporting and analytics, empowering your Quality Engineering team on this epic journey towards automated excellence.

Software Engineer

Marjorie Ivy


From Manual to Automated - An Introduction to Coding for QA Testers

QA testers can get started with test automation through approachable languages like Python even without programming experience.

Many QA pros lack coding skills to transition to test automation.

In this session, you will learn:
• Basics of Python syntax and setup
• Writing simple test scripts
• Locating and using existing test frameworks
• Best resources for self-directed learning


Jonathon Wright


AutoOps: Harnessing the Power of AI-Augmented Testing with Generative AI

Explore the exciting possibilities of Generative AI in business process automation, a once-daunting concept now made accessible by OpenAI / ChatGPT and other AI/ML technologies.

Join Jonathan as he discusses practical applications of Generative AI in Software Delivery, no AI expertise required.

Don't miss out on implementing these valuable practices and being part of the future of software development.


Dmytro Budym


Clean Code In Test Automation

Clean code in test automation is the foundation for building reliable, maintainable, and efficient test suites, ultimately accelerating software delivery and improving collaboration among team members.


Chris Trimper


Community Time

In this session, Chris goes over the importance of Automation Guild community and how you can leverage it throughout the year to benefit your day-to-day efforts.


Sachin Gaikwad


API Automation Mastery: From Novice To Ninja

Journey through the world of API automation testing and development.

Whether you're a beginner, junior to mid-level SDET, or a senior SDET/Developer, this topic has something for everyone!

Fernando Mattos


Fernando Mattos


The Quest for High-Performing App Releases

Discover how to seamlessly integrate continuous
performance testing into your DevOps processes, enabling your development team
to ensure peak app performance after every code change.

DAY 2: 8 Functional Automation Sessions



Anna Patterson


Accelerating API Testing: A Practical Guide to Automation with Cypress

API testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, functionality, and security of modern software applications. 

Yet, conducting API tests manually can swiftly become burdensome and time-intensive.

In this session, Anna will demonstrate how attendees can expedite their journey toward API test automation using Cypress, a user-friendly framework renowned for its ease of use and accessibility.


Geetha Achutuni


Boosting Test Automation Maturity : Practical Approaches

This session aims to provide actionable strategies to overcome ineffectiveness and inefficiencies and improve test coverage in test automation practices.

Folks can learn and implement:
• Ways to improve test coverage
• Ways to improve test effectiveness
• Ways to improve test efficiency
• Ways to reduce test scripts maintainability


Somya Gupta


Chatbots In The Era Of Conversational AI: Building A Robust Test Strategy To Elevate Experiences

Conversational AI is becoming the integral part of how people interact with technology today.

However Conversational AI chatbots requires innovative strategies for testing to ensure a reliable & user-friendly experience.

Hence the basic knowledge of Chatbot and Conversational AI will help attendees keep up the pace and their skillset as per changing business.

This session will also explore the latest trends and technologies in Conversational AI as well as best practices to test chatbots.

Alex Chernyak


Alex Chernyak
A black man smiling for the camera.


Clinton Sprauve
A man with glasses and beard.


Toni Ramchandani


Beyond Testing: Integrating DevOps And BizOps For Enhanced Automation Agility (Panel Discussion)

This session will delve into the critical importance of bridging the gap between DevOps and BizOps through advanced automations that go beyond testing, emphasizing its impact on both technical efficiency and business strategy.

It will also showcase innovative methods illustrating how this integration fosters operational agility and significantly improves business outcomes.


Lee Barnes


The Path To Becoming A Test Automation Rockstar!

This session will help test automation engineers go beyond the technical aspects of test automation and ensure they add value to their organization.


Guljeet Nagpaul


From Code to Cognition: The Journey of AI and Automation

Explore the evolution of AI in test automation as we uncover the problems with traditional coding and show how AI makes testing smarter and easier.

See how AI connects code and cognition, bringing ground-breaking innovation to testing.


Dan Reale


Smoke Break

This session aims to increase smoke testing awareness and share a plan with you for how to get smoke tests automated quickly and run consistently going forward.


Manoj Kumar


Continuous Testing in the
Age of AI: Orchestrating Excellence for Rapid Releases

The transition to cloud platforms has brought about significant advantages for enterprises, including enhanced agility, scalability, and reduced capital costs. However, the practices of application lifecycle management are striving to catch up with this transformative shift. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) have emerged as crucial components for traditional application development and release management, enabling the continuous release of high-quality products with integrated customer feedback.

While developers are well-acquainted with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment (the 3Cs), the realization of these practices necessitates a fourth C—Continuous Testing, also known as Test Automation. In the realm of modern continuous integration and deployment environments, each change demands a set of tests, and the completion of each test provides valuable information for test reprioritization, identifying code issues, analytics, and more.

Notably, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in this landscape, driving innovation in continuous testing. The need of the hour is an effective framework for orchestrating automated tests at scale, facilitated by AI capabilities. This approach accelerates releases while maintaining a vigilant focus on quality. Join Manoj as he explores the top challenges in continuous testing and effective strategies for managing tests at scale. The presentation will draw on practical examples, addressing key challenges such as choosing the right tool/framework, determining what to automate, handling flaky tests, managing test environments, and executing distributed testing on remote machines.

This talk will delve into intermediate to advanced usage of tools including Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, LambdaTest HyperExecute. Live demonstrations from LambdaTest will showcase real-world implementations of AI in continuous testing.

DAY 3: 8 Functional Automation Sessions

Rudolf Groetz

Rudolf Groetz


Empowering Product Owners And Other Non-Technical Team Members: A Journey From Skepticism To Success In Low-Code Test Automation

This session addresses the issue of bridging the gap between technical and non-technical teams in test automation, highlighting how low-code solutions can empower diverse team members and transform skepticism into enthusiasm.

Engineering Manager

Amit Rawat


Mocking The Unmockable: Elevating Test Automation Stability Through Advanced API Simulation

There is no easy way to have a controlled simulated test environments with isolated states, unique data and simulated failures, which is
essential to have robust test automation.

We will see how to achieve it using static and dynamic mocking strategies using Wiremock.

Testing Specialist

Rahul Parwal


Skyrocketing Test Coverage With Model Based Testing

Using visual product modelling to find the right coverage levels for your testing.

• Agile & Modern Testing requires lean test design & execution engine.
• Text based test design / test cases are hard to collaborate, review, modify, and update for large projects.
• Testing teams need effective ways to find the right coverage levels for their needs.

Emily O'Connor


Emily O'Connor


How I approached testing an AI chatbot powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is rapidly evolving and has a huge ability to reshape many industries.

This session will equip you with an introduction to NLP and the knowledge to test this type of AI effectively, preparing you for the future.

The fact is that NLP, despite its complexities, can be tested in a straightforward manner.

In this session, Emily will use Mocha and Chai in TypeScript - although no coding knowledge will be needed to follow along.


Daniel Knott


Remove The Pain From Mobile Test Automation

Setting up test automation can be a painful task. Setting automation up for mobile projects can be even more painful. There are tools on the market, that require heavy installation and configuration processes. It takes lots of time. Time that can't be used for writing automation scripts.

How cool would it be, to have a test automation tool for mobile apps, that can be installed in some minutes with just a few commands? Sounds too good, right? In this talk, Daniel will show how fast and easy the setup of maestro is. He will show from scratch the installation process as well as writing the first automation script for any mobile app available on the market!

Key Takeaways:

- How to install maestro
- How to write your maestro script


Frank Moyer


A Practical Guide to AI: How to Improve Quality in Software Development

Discover how AI transforms the SDLC. Through practical examples, learn how to seamlessly integrate AI into your daily work to speed up software delivery and improve quality.

Filip Hric


Filip Hric


Fighting invisible monsters - stories from tracking most common test flakes

We all hate test flakiness. Unfortunately, there is no tool out there that has given us a 100% flake free testing experience.

The only way to fix that is to dive in and understand what’s going on.

In this talk, Filip will share examples of the most common flakiness sources and give actionable solutions for fixing them, while at the same time avoid unnecessary waiting that prolongs test execution.

He’ll take a deep dive into test code as well as the application code and get a better understanding of underlying logic.

Plus, he’ll also reveal the invisible monsters that break our test automation and find ways to remove them.

greg paskal


Greg Paskal


Becoming An Automation Craftsman

Transitioning from a J.O.B. mindset to an S.M.E mindset.

• How to stand out in your company and technical community as someone worth listening to.
• Why we need Quality Craftsmen in Testing and Automation.
• Basic skills that can lead to more influence and a bigger salary.

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DAY 4: 7 Non-Functional Automation Sessions

Chief Storyteller

Jon Robinson


Laying the Groundwork: Preparing for Automation Testing Success (90 min Workshop)

Workshop Session Details Will Be Added Soon.

Bryan Cole


Bryan Cole


Automate Quality Assurance Reporting in your CI Pipeline

One of the great challenges with increased velocity in software delivery is the implementation of continuous quality alongside the development effort.

As software development practices mature, software QA must keep pace and provide value to not only the QA team members, but also to the developers directly.

By linking quality assurance reporting directly into CI platforms such as Jenkins, developers get feedback on the status of their software changes as quickly as possible in the solutions they already know and use, while the QA teams still have complete visibility into the state of quality from their own solution set.

By sharing information quickly and in context, both teams work much more efficiently and easily in the journey of software delivery.

Director Quality Engineering

Karime Salomon


The Load Testing Expedition: A Beginner's Quest For Practical Application

This presentation will discuss real-world cases where load testing was missed, and how to avoid these mistakes, covering also the first steps and considerations for getting started with load testing, and how to analyze and interpret the results.

Dionysis Tsoumas


Giannis Papadakis

Head of DevOps

Dionysis Tsoumas


DevOps VS QA: An Interactive Story Around Observability And Synthetic Testing

In this talk, Dionysis & Giannis will share their own team's experiences.

Functional testing is not something that can inform in a timely manner for the uptime of our applications.

So there was a gap in our efforts related to observability and testing.

The DevOps team was passionate about their Grafana dashboards, and the QA team was occupied with their K6 performance suite.

We decided to collaborate and embark on a pet project that would enable us to achieve synthetic monitoring. leveraging K6 and Grafana LGTM stack.


Nick Baynham


Test Automation For Data Quality

In today's unprecedented amount of data that is constantly in motion, organizations heavily rely on streaming data systems to make real-time decisions and to constantly keep their system data up-to-date, accurate, and reliable.

Ensuring the quality of data in such systems is paramount, and test automation can play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. This presentation delves into the critical aspects of test automation for data quality in streaming environments, offering insights and best practices.

Key points to be covered:

1. What is data quality?

2. Data Validation Strategies

3. Tooling and Approaches to Test Automation

4. Best Practices and Optimization

5. Feedback Loops and Remediation

evan niedojadlo


Evan Niedojadlo


Enhancing Your Existing Testing Process With Some Security

Lots of teams just run automated e2e tests, unit, and maybe some performance automation.

This talk is intended to show testers, devs, etc. on how they can easily add various infosec scans, attacks, and alerts to their existing processes.


Lee Barnes
Scott Moore


Scott Moore
Paul Grizzaffi

QE Solutions Architect

Paul Grizzaffi


Continuous Automated & Performance Testing In DevOps (Panel Discussion)

Join us for a discussion with industry leaders on trends, technologies, and processes, in continuous automated and performance testing in DevOps.

This is a chance to deep-dive into some of the trends for transitioning or implementing continuous testing as part of software delivery, as well as exchange views on overcoming common obstacles in the field.

The panelists will share their unique approaches and many real-world experiences. These include some of the challenges their teams have had to face and the strategies that have led them to success.

DAY 5: 8 Non-Functional Automation Sessions


Igor Dorovskikh


Anton Prokuda


Mastering XCUItest: Native IOS Test Automation (90 Minute Workshop)

Automated testing has been a crucial part of software development for many years, and with the increasing popularity of mobile apps, testing mobile apps has become a crucial part of the software testing process.

However, testing mobile apps comes with its own set of unique challenges, and testing on the iOS platform is no exception. That's where XCUITest comes in as Apple's native test automation library for iOS apps.

Since its release, XCUITest has quickly become the go-to solution for iOS app testing. According to Statista, as of 2021, there were over 1.96 million iOS apps available on the Apple App Store, with that number expected to increase to over 3 million by 2025.

With such a large number of apps, testing and ensuring their quality is crucial to the success of both the app and its developer.


Arthur Hicken


Cracking the Code on API Security: Insights on

As digital landscapes evolve, APIs connect diverse systems for seamless data exchange, but increased connectivity raises security risks.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) API Top 10 serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and mitigating the most critical security risks associated with APIs.

Join this discussion to understand how OWASP API Top 10 is a valuable resource that empowers organizations to identify, understand, and mitigate critical API security risks, ultimately enhancing the overall security and resilience of their digital systems.

Key Takeaways:
• Test early. Shifting security testing left in CI/CD enhances software security by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities earlier in development.
• Risk awareness. Recognize and address crucial security risks associated with APIs to enhance organizational awareness of potential vulnerabilities.
• Resource allocation. Prioritizing the most significant risks and addressing areas that pose the greatest threat to API security.
• Compliance assistance. Leveraging OWASP API Top 10 guidelines to align API security practices with industry standards and compliance requirements.


Swapnil Kotwal


Distributed System Observability Using OpenTelemetry

In the complex scenario of Digital Transformation, Observability performs a vital role in providing better visibility of the platforms and applications, contextualizing the problems, resolving cloud complexities, correlating all IT components, and identifying the most critical components based on the transactions, number of users, traffic and some others.

In this session, you'll discover how to reduce MTTR/MTTA in the distributed SaaS world by making your system observable.

Mina Sprengeler

Senior Solutions ENGR.

Mina Sprengeler
Matthew Andrus

Senior Solutions ENGR.

Matthew Andrus

Client Services Manager

John Boebinger


Overcoming Common Enterprise Testing Challenges (Panel Discussion)

As a testing team scales their testing strategy all the way up to the enterprise level for their organization, any number of bumps in the road can occur. It is perfectly normal that, as testing efforts expand, the growing testing “surface area” can become pockmarked with challenges.

Luckily, these challenges are quite common and can be efficiently addressed if properly equipped.

In this session, a panel of experts will give you the lay of the enterprise testing land and walk you through how to confront common issues with:
• API end-to-end testing periods
• Test data
• Web & mobile interfaces
• Multi-system coordinated testing periods
• And more!

Conducting enterprise-level testing is no small feat. This panel discussion will help you be prepared to face common challenges that inevitably arise so you can quickly get back to what matters most — ensuring a high-quality app!

Dave Sorenson


Dave Sorenson


Shift Left Performance Testing

This session will provide engineers with the ability to test their API's in an automated fashion, pre-merge.


Robert Lukenbill


The Bad, The Good, And The Extraordinary: A Case Study In Transitioning To Automation First QA

Manual QA is the most expensive QA method a company can employ and our company was dependent upon it.

We transitioned to an automated first methodology and do not regret it.

In this session, you'll discover how:
• Manual QA is absorbing valuable time for QAs who can spend their time writing automation (e2e, performance, penetration testing, exploratory testing, stress testing and so on) which increases the quality of the product in a more impactful way than using exclusively manual testers.
• With smaller QA teams on smaller development teams for small to mid sized tech companies it is vital to have automation methods in place over manual testing by QA engineers to ensure quality.


Pricilla Bilavendran


Safeguarding Digital Assets: Uncovering Security Risks In APIs

This talk will educate folks about API vulnerabilities and the importance of Security testing for APIs.


Hassy Veldstra


Playwright Superpowers - Load Testing & E2E
Monitoring W/ Playwright

Take your Playwright scripts and skills further and learn how to use Playwright for load testing and e2e monitoring (also known as synthetic monitoring) to help you make your apps more reliable in production.

Meet Your Host & Co-Host

Joe Colantonio

Founder of TestGuild & Guild conferences

Hi. I’m Joe Colantonio, founder of TestGuild - a dedicated resource of actionable & real-world technical advice (Blog, Video Tutorials, Podcasts, and Online Guild Conferences) to help improve your automation, performance, and security testing efforts.


joe colantonio headshot

Chris Trimper

Enterprise QA Automation Architect

Chris has been involved in software testing for over 16 years, dedicating most of that time to adding efficiencies in the testing process through functional test automation. He is currently the Test Automation Architect for his QA team at Independent Health, leveraging various tools and techniques for functional automation and performance testing. He has had the opportunity to speak at various conferences on software testing and monitoring aspects. Over the past few years, he has begun to adopt forms of AI in the toolbox of efficiencies in testing.

BONUS #1: Get Instant Lifetime Access To Our 24/7 Active Community Of 2600+ Skilled Software Professionals!

I know that the a lot of the time it can feel like the managers just don't “get it” when it comes to the testing side of things.

With most testers reporting to different people, it’s natural to feel fractured from your community.

And for a lot of folks who are sole testers at their firm, it's even more lonely.

Look - you can always make your own mistakes and learn on our own…

But having a community to fall back on makes achieving your goals - much EASIER and a lot FASTER.

Because it provides a space for like-minded testers to learn from each other’s mistakes and shorten their learning curve - by months (or even years).

That’s why with Automation Guild, I built a community of testers - from beginners to advanced - ready and willing to genuinely help each other grow.

And that’s been one of the
biggest game-changers for them.

Here's what industry veterans say about the Automation Guild community...

I've been doing testing automation for 21 years and I really enjoyed the Automation Guild.

I really like that I got back into latest industry trends. The conference was really well organized and there was a wide variety of applicable topics.

I'm also really enjoying the Slack community and the ability to communicate with test automation experts from all around the world, year-round.

Overall, I found that Automation Guild was really great and I have a lot of ideas that I can apply to my work.

Michelle Pleas

Principal Test Engineer

You think you know everything, and then you find our you really do know just a small part of the equation.

Having testers in the Slack channel giving ideas and pointers has helped me immensely in expanding my range of knowledge and acceptance of tools that can make the wheels turn even better.

Charlie Harris

Senior Quality Assurance Manager

Just like these testers, you can also leverage the Automation Guild community as a 24/7 resource for you to:

➤ Get constant feedback on what you’re currently working on
➤ Identify what technologies other companies are working with
➤ Network with experts from all over the world (year-round)
➤ Discover the most in-demand skills to focus on
➤ Find quick solutions to technical (and career-related) problems

So if you don’t want to waste any more of your time on flaky tests…

Or jump from forum to forum searching for answers…

Or sift through 10 different articles trying to find a solution…

And would like to create consistently better, faster, and reliable automation moving forward...

Join our private community now - when you reserve your lifetime access to Automation Guild 2024.

But wait, there's more...

BONUS #2: Test Automation Accelerator

I will also be bringing you 1 new, interactive, and premium LIVE training (+ Q&A) session EVERY month — for 9 straight months - after the event.

That means, on a monthly basis, Automation Guild '24 registrants will get a brand new training session hosted by one of our community experts from March '24 to November '24.

Some will be topics that were in high demand but didn’t get enough community votes to make it to the final lineup.

Some would be new topics voted on by the private Automation Guild community during the year.

This way you'll get expert guidance on 9 more relevant topics over the course of the year — for FREE.

With this brand new bonus, I’m truly excited to bring even MORE VALUE to your ticket investment for Automation Guild ‘24.

Test Automation Accelerator Monthly (Mar '24 - Nov '24): Community Expert Presenters

Paul Grizzaffi
Larry Goddard
Larry Goddard
Benjamin Bischoff
Priyanka Halder
Anna Royzman
Anna Royzman
Stephen Kilbourn
Stephen Kilbourn
Srinivasan Sekar
Shuchi Rastogi headshot
Shuchi Rastogi
Blake Norrish
Blake Norrish

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  • Lifetime Access To Complete Recordings (Sessions + Q&As), Transcripts, And Resources
  • Bonus #1: Join Our Private Community of 2600+ Skilled Testers To Ask Questions, Get Feedback, Find Solutions, And Network With
  • Bonus #2: Test Automation Accelerator - 1 new, interactive, and premium LIVE training session hosted by a community expert each month — from Mar '24 to Nov '24.

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Here's What Attendees Say About Automation Guild

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must-attend event for all testing professionals.

You get all the best practices and innovative techniques in a concise manner.

George Ukkuru

Head of Quality Eng. UST

Thank you so much for creating the Automation Guild. I’m happy to have found a place that exists on the topic of test automation that doesn’t rely on test tools sites/blogs etc. Awesomeness!

Jaime Lizarazu

Senior Manager - Test Automation

4th year attending the Automation Guild conference and its value and content keeps getting better. Huge thanks to Joe for putting on such a great event.

Stuart Noble

Test Manager

I enjoyed the Automation Guild, made a stack of notes, then implemented nearly code-less automation in just 90 days!

Nick Baynham

Automation Architect

I've enjoyed attending these conferences since the beginning. It's very informative. I learn about industries I haven't worked in yet, new tools, and I get to connect with others. Together, we have a wealth of knowledge! It's great to be able to share ideas. And I always look forward to using what I learned.

Annette S.

Test Automation Architect

The community is just amazing!

The conversations and interactions with both participants and other speakers are stellar!

Being an online conference, it still manages to feel "closer" than many in-person dittos.

Simon Aronsson

Head of Developer Relations

As always, an awesome event! A superabundance of testing goodness.

Even before the conference had ended, the team was already chasing new ideas, refining existing practices and getting colleagues excited about new possibilities.

Validation of current practices and plans is always a tremendous win and Automation Guild weighs in massively in this regard.

Our plans are solid and aligned with those of our peers around the globe; the future is bright indeed!

What could be more awesome than that?

Mike Taber

Test Architect

I gained critical insights into the tools and techniques that industry practitioners use, the strategies that businesses consider when building an automation strategy, and the industry's latest automation trends.

I didn't expect an e-conference to be so well organized...and how welcoming the community that Joe and Team have built was. You also retain access to all conference materials even after the event.

Perhaps even more valuable is the opportunity to be part of an inclusive and supportive community of knowledgeable folks that you can tap into as a resource as you develop your career. Automation Guild sets the bar high!

Felix Lee

Test Lead

I joined the Automation Guild conference 4 times already. I always enjoy it.

You meet a lot of people who work in the same fields with you or related. And they give so many thoughts and brilliant ideas.

I feel very happy this time each year.

And I'm always looking forward to see what we will have next year ;)

Michelle Xie

Automation Tester


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But rest assured, if you're not satisfied for any reason at all...or don't see real-world results from Automation Guild 2024...

Simply let me know within 180 days (6 FULL months), and I'll return 100% of your investment.

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Lifetime Access to 3 Days of Functional Automation Awesomeness!

  • Functional Automation: 25 Over-The-Shoulder Video Training (+ Q&A) Sessions
  • Lifetime Access To Complete Recordings (Sessions + Q&As), Transcripts, And Resources
  • Bonus #1: Join Our Private Community of 2600+ Skilled Testers To Ask Questions, Get Feedback, Find Solutions, And Network With
  • Bonus #2: Test Automation Accelerator - 1 new, interactive, and premium LIVE training session hosted by a community expert each month — from Mar '24 to Nov '24.

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Code GOODLUCK-30 Will Be Auto-Applied At Checkout For 30% OFF The Regular Investment For The 3-Day Ticket

Get instant access. Start learning in the next 2 minutes.