The Automation Acquisition Game (Who Owns Your Favorite Testing Tool?)

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Automation Testing Acquisition

There has been a bunch of acquisitions lately of automation and testing tool vendors. Do you know what vendor owns your favorite test tool now? Here's a quick infographic to help out:

Automation Testing Acquisition

*Thanks Kevin Pyles for catching my spelling errors in this infographic :)

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  1. So little had changed for so long, and then you published this cool infographic. 1 year later, it appears there are updates needed! SmartBear acquired Cucumber and Bitbar. And per your show, TestProject was acquired by Tricentis. QASymphony was also acquired by Tricentis. And maybe not testing related but still interesting Micro Focus acquired Interset and Covertix. And…CA Technologies acquired SourceClear. Is it time for the “AI-Based” testing companies to start to get acquired as well?

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Automation Testing Acquisition